We build community, care for the welfare of Jews everywhere and maximize participation in Jewish life.

Who We Are

We Believe…

No child should go to bed hungry. Every senior has the right to live with dignity. And all Jews should be able to live – anywhere in the world – without fear of persecution.

We believe in singing Hebrew songs at the top of our lungs at Jewish summer camp and dressing up like Queen Esther for Purim. In eating too many matzah balls on Passover and covering ourselves with mud before jumping into the Dead Sea.

And we believe in passing down Jewish traditions from generation to generation.

That’s why we’re building vibrant, inclusive and supportive Jewish communities here in Minneapolis and across the world.


Why Federation?

1.)We’re Strategic.

Our team of professionals and volunteers evaluates needs and addresses challenges and opportunities.

2.)We’re Community-Minded.

We support more than a single program or service area. We’re the only organization whose mission supports the needs, health and future of the entire Jewish community – in Minneapolis, Israel and 70 countries around the world.

3.)We’re Responsible.

Less than 10% of philanthropic contributions support fundraising efforts, so we can put more resources toward our mission.

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