CHAIM (Children of Holocaust Survivors Association in Minnesota)
Chair: Ken Engel

CHAIM is a Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area group of children (second generation, a.k.a 2Gs) and other descendants and friends of Holocaust survivors. We are linked together by the common goals of preserving and honoring our legacy and the legacy of our parents and other family members affected by the Holocaust, tackling issues of mutual interest, sharing resources and programming ideas, providing emotional support for our members, and reaching out to future generations — grandchildren (3Gs) and great-grandchildren (4Gs) of survivors. We meet approximately every other month and offer programs dedicated to remembrance of the Holocaust and to supporting the needs of descendants of survivors. These programs include guest speakers on topics of interest, educational and social action projects, documentaries about the Holocaust, and personal stories shared by our members about the 2G and 3G experience. There is no fee charged to belong to CHAIM. CHAIM is affiliated with 2G and 3G groups throughout the world, and with the worldwide umbrella group, Generations of the Shoah International (GSI), the world’s largest Holocaust family organization.

A group for Holocaust survivors

Survivor Support Services
Holocaust survivors can receive assistance and guidance when apply for restitution and compensation.

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