Our Priorities

“What cannot be achieved in one lifetime will happen when one lifetime is joined to another.”
– William Kushner

We have a vision. It’s a vision of a vibrant, supportive and inclusive Jewish community that is focused on building the Jewish future. Connecting a new generation to Jewish life and the Jewish world.

Passion, leadership and focus enable the Federation to bring this vision to fruition. In 2011, we launched a community-wide effort to dig deep into the minds of Jewish Minneapolis. What do you find important? What do you think are the greatest needs and opportunities in our community?

After many months of research, focus groups, surveys and analysis, we identified five Community Priorities – areas of impact where we will focus community resources.



Creating a community of shared responsibility

We commit to continuing our long-standing tradition of feeding, clothing, sheltering, counseling and rescuing thousands of people here at home, in Israel and around the world.


Engaging the next generation in Jewish life

We commit to encouraging young Jews to make Jewish choices for themselves and their children; to creating a community that will attract future generations to identify, affiliate, participate and support.


Strengthening our connection to Israel and Jewish peoplehood

We commit to strengthening, deepening and expanding our connections to Israel and global Jewry through advocacy, personal experiences and high-impact programming.


Broadening leadership excellence

We commit to creating an environment of innovation for community leaders and to establishing pathways for emerging leaders to rise, succeed and lead our community into the future.


Enhancing and deepening the commitment to Jewish philanthropy

We commit to educating our community to strengthen the linkage between philanthropy and community needs through creative programming and hands-on experiences. See how we are meeting these Community Priorities and bringing our vision for the Jewish future to life!

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