Our Board

We could never change lives and make the world a better place without our dedicated team of professionals and volunteer leadership.

Meet our Inspiring Board of Directors for 2019-2020


Todd Leonard

Immediate Past President
Howard Zack

Vice President–Overseas Affairs
Mark Appelbaum

Brad Birnberg

Kristine MacDonald

Development Steering Committee Chair
Jonathan Halper

Community Campaign Chair
Howie Milstein

Jewish Community Foundation Chair
David Parish

Community Impact Steering Committee Chair
Steve Machov

Governance Committee Chair
Brian Lipschultz

Governance Committee Co-Chair
Jacy Grais

Jewish Community Building Corporation Chair
David Segal

Jewish Community Building Corporation Co-Chair
Stuart Goldenberg


Assistant Treasurer
Frank Donaldson

Community Impact Steering Committee Vice Chair
Rory Zamansky

Marketing Chair
Arielle Kaufman

Marketing Vice Chair
Lev Buslovich

Women’s Philanthropy President
Debbie Goldenberg

Young Adult Chair
Andrew Wieberdink

Rabbinic Representative
Rabbi Max Davis

Partner Agency President Representative
Susan Yost

Partner Agency Executive Representative
Steve Hunegs

At-Large Board Members

Mark Adelman (St. Paul)
Greg Arenson
Linda Fiterman
Sandy Sondell

Campaign Representatives

Jennifer Lewin
Ron Mandelbaum

Presidential Appointments

Michael Barry
Debbie Stillman

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