Gifting Appreciated Securities

Investment Assets

2019 continues to be another good year for the stock market and other investment assets. As year-end approaches, it is an opportune time to review your investment portfolio and consider timing the recognition of capital gains and losses for assets held long-term – more than one year- and short-term. The top income tax rate on long-term capital gains remains at 20 percent. (a 3.8 percent tax on net investment income could also apply).

Part of your capital asset review could be consideration of a gift of appreciated securities to charities. You can avoid paying any capital gains tax on the value of securities transferred to the Jewish Federation, and you may be able to receive a charitable contribution deduction for the full fair market value of the securities at the time of the gift.

Action Item: Consider gifting appreciated stock held for more than one year. They are fully deductible up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income and any excess can generally be carried forward and be deductible for up to an additional five years.

Action Item: Donate appreciated stock, to establish a DAF or add to an existing DAF at the Federation. It is an excellent way to maximize tax savings from such gifts and retain the privilege of making grant recommendations in the future.

Action Item: Sell depreciated stock, recognize the tax loss and then give the proceeds to charity.


Thank you for your interest in transferring stock.

Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s stock account is with Charles Schwab. They have a local office in Wayzata and their phone number is 952-404-0398.

Account information:

Minneapolis Jewish Federation
Account number – 6347-5114
DTC number – 0164
Federal ID – 41-0693866

It is very important that you let us know the stock you are transferring and the number of shares. That way we can credit the proper account.

Please contact Michelle Shapiro (952-417-2320 or with this information of if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support of Federation and the Jewish community. We appreciate your generosity.

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