Planning for the Jewish Future

Harold and Cindi Goldfine

Harold and Cindi Goldfine

“You have to take that step and decide ‘I am going be the one to make a difference,’’’ explains Harold Goldfine.

Being connected and involved in the Jewish community has always been of great importance to Harold and Cindi Goldfine. Over the years, they have had the chance to see what it takes to build a vibrant and caring community. Now, they wish to do their part to ensure the community they call home continues to thrive for generations.

After decades of philanthropic partnership, the Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation was the natural place for them to turn to do just that. Harold and Cindi worked with staff at Tamar Fink, a family-owned insurance and wealth-counseling firm, to establish a Family Philanthropic Fund to benefit seven local organizations, including the Federation.

Establishing their Fund at the Foundation enables the Goldfines to add donations and make distributions to public charities supporting causes that are important to them not only after they have passed, but during their lifetimes as well.

“We plan to have family meetings a couple of times each year to determine where the surplus should be given,” Harold explained. He notes that he and his wife’s legacy gift was a family decision, one that was thought about and discussed for a long time. “Cindi is a Lion of Judah and has a Lion of Judah Endowment, but we always knew that wasn’t enough and that one day we would do more.”

He and Cindi are proud to see that their children, Elly and Mike Zweigbaum, Sara Goldfine and Blake Baratz and Marcy Goldfine, are already embracing the Jewish value of tzedakah in their lives.

It is easy to say ‘let’s let someone else do it,’” Harold acknowledged. “But at the end of the day you have to take that step and decide ‘I am going be the one to make a difference.’’’

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