P’Chotchka: A benefit for Rimon

Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council invites you to support its sixth annual P’Chotchka, a fast-paced evening of art, film, and performance, on Monday, June 5, 2017, 6 p.m., at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Minneapolis.

This event is a benefit for Rimon and it features eight outstanding artists whose work has been highlighted by Rimon over the past five years. During P’Chotchka the artists speak about ideas and experiences that inspired their artistic work. Eighteen images of each artist’s choosing are projected on a screen, and the artists talk about each image for 18 seconds. The result is a lively, stimulating smorgasbord of ideas.

In 2016 a capacity crowd of over 200 enjoyed the presentations, food, and beverages. Admission to this year’s P’Chotchka will again be $54 per person.

Choose from three levels of support:

Platinum – $1000 includes:

  • Full page ad in program
  • Acknowledgment in event marketing
  • Projection of your name or company logo on event screens
  • 2 tickets to P’Chotchka

Gold – $500 includes:

  • Half page ad in program
  • Acknowledgment in event marketing
  • 2 tickets to P’Chotchka

Silver – $250:

  • Quarter page ad in program
  • 2 tickets to P’Chotchka

Yes, I want to purchase an ad to support P’Chotchka:

  • instead of one of the above sponsorships. I have made my check payable to Rimon.
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