Partnership2Gether (P2G)

What is Partnership 2Gether?

Partnership 2Gether (P2G) is a program of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) that:

  • Provides opportunities for 500 Jewish communities worldwide to participate in cultural, educational and social exchanges with Israeli communities
  • Strengthens the bonds between Israel and Diaspora Jewry through “sister city” pairings
  • Offers Diaspora Jews a hands on vehicle to assist in Israel’s economic and community development

Where is our “Partnership region?”

The Minneapolis Jewish Community is paired with the city of Rehovot and the Central District of Israel. Located about 12 miles south of Tel Aviv, the Central District is one of six administrative districts, including most of the Sharon region. Rehovot has a population around 115,000 and is one of the first communities founded in the modern State of Israel.

To learn more about the city of Rehovot, you can visit their English site here. You can also visit their Hebrew site here.

How does P2G work?

This partnership was founded to strengthen our connection to Israel and build a stronger sense of Jewish peoplehood for participants in both cities by fostering enduring and meaningful relationships.

To learn more about the members of the committee, both locally and in Rehovot, you can visit the P2G Committee Page here.

P2G Programs


“The Same Moon” project is designed to connect families with young children from Israel (Rehovot) to families with young children from Minneapolis, in a creative and fun way. Every participating family will be taking an enriching journey with a family from across the sea.

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The program is based on a book by Adi Shacham by the same name and the families take part in writing the book and get to share their unique story with their twin family. The project is designed to last between 4 to 6 months, and is based on a pen-pal program. The families are encouraged to exchange 6 letters (one per month) on specific topics that relate to family and Judaism that together form a wonderful story (e.g: My family, How we celebrate the holidays, Tukin Olam and so on).
The format of the book, which includes empty envelopes inside its pages, encourages each family to put the letter it receives from its pen-pal family in the envelope. In this way each family is building the other families story in their own book.

This is the basic program. We can build on this program depending on the format and the venue the project will be run in. For example if run through the Jewish Hebrew school at a synagogue, we can develop a joint vocabulary for each letter so that participating children in Minneapolis can use it to learn everyday Hebrew words while Israeli children can practice and enhance their English. We can also use the topics in the book for class discussions and build interactive internet tools, such as a virtual bulletin board, for kids to be able to share pictures and games.

The goals of the program:

  1. Connecting families from both communities
  2. Enhancing the number of people and families involved in the partnership
  3. Learning and sharing Jewish traditions – the differences and the commonalities
  4. Enhancing the feeling of belonging to a large global Jewish community
  5. Strengthening the connection to Israel

Methods of operation:

  1. Choose a contact person in each community who will coordinate(school teacher, Rabbi, organization professional)
  2. Choose families and provide the following information: parent’s and child’s name and age/s, mailing address, email address, Skype.
  3. Set a schedule and dates for sending the letters
  4. Match the families and send each the mailing information of the other.
  5. Coordinator is in charge of reminding the families monthly to send the letter. If program will run in school – coordinators from both sides of the partnership will decide on the parts of the joint curriculum that will accompany the program.

Measures of success:

  1. Positive evaluation by participating families
  2. Increased awareness of partnership programs and involvement in them
  3. Creating a database of families that want to be an active part of the community
  4. Interest from other families/institutions for next year’s program.

An example of a letter can be found here.

For more information on participating synagogues, please contact Eilat Harel 952-417-2321 |


Thanks to technology, we are able to bring two synagogues, with a deep love of learning, together.

Beginning November 17, Congregation Darchei Noam in St. Louis Park will begin simultaneous study sessions with synagogue The Berman Shul in Rehovot, Israel.

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The six classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, the Minneapolis group meets at Darchei Noam at 7PM and on Sundays at 11AM. The following Sunday the groups will gather via Skype in Minnesota and Israel to discuss what they learned and share insights.

These classes are free and open to the community. The schedule is below, and we hope to see you there!

  • Amos – NOV 17th | Sunday Skype discussion on NOV 22nd
  • Hosea – DEC 15th | Sunday Skype discussion on DEC 20th
  • Micah (Micheas) – FEB 9th | Sunday Skype discussion on FEB 14th
  • Habakkuk and Zephaniah – MARCH 8th | Sunday Skype discussion on MAR 13th
  • Obadiah – MAY 17th | Sunday Skype discussion on MAY 23rd
  • Haggai and Zechariah – JUNE 14th | Sunday Skype discussion on JUN 19th

For more information, contact:

Congregation Darchei Noam
2950 Joppa Ave. S. at Minnetonka Blvd. | 952-452-8476 |


Minneapolis played host to a delegation of 9 teens and their delegation leader from Rehovot in December, from the 10th through 17th. During their time here, they visited a variety of synagogues around town, as well as experienced Super Sunday, spent time with Yachad in addition to various other day and high schools, and visited with the seniors at Sholom.

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You can learn more about all 10 delegates below. Sally Abrams, who is a member of the P2G Steering Committee, authored a great article about the participants and how Israeli children view American Jews. You can read the TC Jewfolk article here.

We will be sharing information about their visit on our Federation Facebook page, as well as the P2G Facebook page.


Ido_sqIdo Revel – Delegation Leader

Ido is 31, married and lives in Rehovot. He has a B.A. and M.A. in biochemistry and food engineering from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today he works as an advisor to companies in research and investment in the biotech field. He has a rich background in teaching and instructing young adults and has already lead several Jewish Agency missions. Ido also served as the foreign affairs coordinator for the Student Union at the Hebrew University. Ido likes to read and travel; and enjoys cooking, running, mountain biking and snowboarding (in the winter, of course).

anael_sqAnael Hazan

My name is Anael Hazan. I am 15 years old. I was born in New York, and at the age of 5 we moved to Israel. I currently live in Rehovot. I’m in B’nai Akiva, and I hope to become a counselor. I study biology as my major at the Amit girls’ religious high school. I love dancing and singing!

shalev_sqShalev Maimon

Hello, my name is Shalev Maimon, in January I’ll be 16 years old. I study at the Science School in Rehovot. My majors are: biology, chemistry and theater. I am a photographer, and I’m a part of a big group of well-known Israeli photographers. In addition, I am a counselor for fifth grade kids in the Israeli scouts.

noa_sqNoa Meshar

My name is Noa Meshar and I’m fifteen years old. My family and I lived for over four years in Singapore as my father served Israel as a military attaché for research and development there. I studied at the “Overseas Family School” in Singapore and last year I started to study at “De Shalit High School” in Rehovot. I like to travel around the world and I have many friends overseas who I met in Singapore and still keep in touch with. I like to dance, act, perform, watch movies, hang-out with friends, and laugh a lot. The two majors that I’m taking in high school are Physics and Computer Programming.

ofir_sqOfir Spector

Hi, my name is Ofir Spector and I’m 15 and a half years old. I have one older brother. His name is Ido, and parents names are Gal and Nitzan. We have an English bulldog named Charlie who I love very much. In school I major in physics and music at the De Shalit school. I like to dance, sing and play the flute. I also really like reading and hanging out with friends.

yahel_sqYahel Sar Shalom

My name is Yahel Sar Shalom, I am 15 and a half years old I am in the tenth grade in Yeshivat Amit Amichai in Rehovot.I really like all types of sports but my favorite sport is football (American football).One of the things I like to do is teaching English and learning new languages. My special goal in this project is to let people see how we see our city of Rehovot.

ron_sqRon Gothait

Hi, my name is Ron Gothait and I’m 15 and a half years old. I like to jog and swim. I play the guitar and the piano, which I really enjoy. I am a counselor for 5th graders in the “Scouts” in Rehovot. I chose to major in school in software engineering and physics. I have a brother and a sister named Dan and Lee. We are very good friends and we get along very well, and we are all very close to our parents.

noam_sqNoam Aharon

My name is Noam Aharon. I study at the Science High School in Rehovot. My majors are biology, Arabic and theater. I volunteer in a youth movement as a counselor in the Scouts. I have a brother named Avihu. I am very excited about coming to Minneapolis!

guy_sqGuy Tessler

Hello, my name is Guy Tesler, I’m 16 years old. I learn in the De-Shalit high school and my two majors are physics and computer engineering! I have a twin sister named Stav, and two younger siblings, named Hadar (6 years old) and Omer (7 years old). I’m a counselor in the scouts, in my group there 8 kids in the fourth grade. My favorite sport activity is running.

maayan_sqMaayan Rubin

My name is Maayan Rubin and i am 15 years old. In my free time I tap dance and play the drums, I’m also in a course in “Magen David Adom” (Israeli Red Cross) and hope to volunteer there soon. I have three sisters, one is in the artillery corps in the IDF, one is in 12th grade and one is four years old. I also have a brother who is five years old.

ConnecTEEN 2020–21

The Partnership2Gether ConnecTEEN program is a virtual opportunity to unite and bridge the gap between Jewish American teens and Jewish Israeli teens while building lasting connections. As a member of this group, you will engage in seven months of learning, storytelling, and dialogue with your peers in Rehovot—all while having a great time with new friends!

Monthly classes will serve as a time to share thoughts, reflections, and ideas, to think critically, learn from various speakers and each other, and to challenge yourself to grow. For an hour and a half each month, you’ll have the chance to dive deep into a topic about Israel or Jewish identity and process it with your peers on the other side of the world!

By the end of the program, we hope that you will feel more connected to your Jewish heritage, to your Jewish community and to Israel, and that each of your lives will be enriched through lasting friendships.

Learn More

Classes will be held on (subject to change):

November 8th: In the Beginning

December 6th: Who am I? Jewish Identity

January 10th A Conversation with a Palestinian

February 21st: You Can’t Ask That

March 21st: Teen2Gether Session

April 25th: Student Presentations

May 23rd: Siyum – We’re Done?

Apply here. If you have any questions, please contact Israel Program Specialist Amanda Feigin. Application deadline is October 8, 2020.

After submitting this application, you will receive an email from Amanda Feigin within a week to the email you provided. Please be sure to check your email.

Please note: There are a limited number of spots available. After completing this application, applicants are required to interview before being accepted into the program.

Goings On in Rehovot

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Minneapolis Women visit Rehovot as part of the JWRP Mission Trip

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Amihai Bannett from the P2G school twinning network taught a class on Jewish peoplehood to the 5th graders at the Hadarim School in Rehovot.

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Sally Abrams, who is a member of the P2G steering committee – taught about MPLS and the Jewish community to classrooms in Rehovot on Monday, November 9th.

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For more information on P2G, please contact Eilat Harel 952-417-2321 |

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