Marketing Request Form

Welcome intrepid Federation staff! We are so glad you’re here.

Please take a moment to plan out the communications and marketing support you require for your event or initiative. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Villars by email or phone. Thanks!

  • Event/Initiative or Project Information

    (examples: Lion of Judah luncheon, letter to Financial Planners, Website for new event)
  • Upload any files that provide more information about the project or initiative.
    Drop files here or
  • i.e. Cardozo, Women's Philanthropy, Major Donors, etc.
  • Who is your audience? How old are they? Male/Female? Sophisticated? Fun? Serious? What do they want from Federation? Why do they want to go to this event or participate in your initiative?
  • Why are you having the event/starting this initiative? What is the goal? An accurate appreciation of your project's purpose will lead to better plans and better results.
  • What do you want your audience to do? Enroll? Attend? Knowing what you want your audience to do will help determine the content and visuals needed to communicate your message.
  • Deliverables

  • Check all that apply.
  • Check all that apply.
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