Looking for funding? The Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation manages several funds that provide funding through a competitive grant process. Check below to see if any of our participating funds meet your needs.

Paul Adelman Children with Disabilities Endowment Fund

Currently: CLOSED

The Paul Adelman Children with Disabilities Endowment Fund is a designated endowment of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. The Endowment Fund supports capital hands on projects, primarily in Minnesota, that positively impact children with disabilities, their parents and caregivers. Primarily the Trustees are interested in capital expenditures and in projects impacting children with physical and developmental disabilities. The Fund makes grants in the fall/winter of each year.

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Mount Sinai Community Foundation

Currently: CLOSED  

The MSCF funds one-time projects up to $10,000 that fulfill the MSCF’s mission to improve health, enhance well-being, or otherwise advance medical care for Minnesota residents. MSCF gives equal consideration to proposals that impact the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Minnesota. MSCF is especially interested in proposals that provide innovative approaches for addressing health, well-being or medical care that might not be funded by other grant sources. MSCF also gives priority to identifiable, discrete projects that the Foundation may fund alone or with other funding partners.

Through the generosity of the Frances & Samuel Finkelstein/Janice Finkelstein Mattison Memorial Fund, one of the grants funded will be in the area of cancer research and education. Organizations interested in securing the designated Memorial funds, should address the connection to cancer research and education in their application.

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The Howard B. & Ruth F. Brin Jewish Arts Endowment Fund

Currently: Closed

The Howard B. & Ruth F. Brin Jewish Arts Endowment Fund is named for the prominent Minneapolis couple Howard B. Brin and Ruth F. Brin who were both community and national leaders. The Fund serves to support artistic creativity with Jewish content. Applications are welcome emphasizing music, dance, literature, theater, visual arts, or film from artists or institutions, Jewish or non-Jewish. Grant awards range from $500 to $10,000.

Learn more about Howard B. & Ruth F. Brin

The Toodie and Frank Trestman Special Needs and Collaborative Education Endowment

Currently: Closed


The Toodie and Frank Trestman Special Needs and Collaborative Education Endowment supports local efforts in two areas:

  • Collaborative education: formal and informal Jewish education programs that involve collaboration between two or more organizations
  • Special needs: increasing the ability of children and adults with special needs to participate in Jewish life and receive a Jewish education.

2016 Winning Projects

For an in-depth description of the Trestman Fund’s goals, click here

Federation’s Opportunity Fund

Currently: Closed

The Federation’s Opportunity Fund makes funds available for one-time grants to support programs/initiatives that fit within one of the Federation’s Community Priorities:

  • Create a community of shared responsibility
  • Engage the next generation in Jewish life
  • Strengthen our connection to Israel and Jewish peoplehood
  • Broaden leadership excellence
  • Enhance and deepen the commitment to Jewish philanthropy

The Fund was set up in 2007 to support proposals that encourage collaboration, creative and innovative strategies for addressing ongoing and emerging local community needs and/or to support new initiatives.

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Aronson & Associates Immigration Law Firm Fund

The Aronson & Associates Immigration Law Firm Fund was established in 2006 in support of projects, programs and/or services that address issues related to the acculturation of new immigrants into our community.

Since its inception, $95,500 has been allocated to many non-profit organizations within the Twin Cities area for this purpose.

At the conclusion of the spring 2015 allocation cycle, it was determined that the fund would change its process for making grants; the fund now currently makes grants to a limited number of organizations which are invited to submit funding proposals and no longer runs an “open” grants process.

For recent grant history, click here

EDGE (Enrichment, Development & Growth for Educators) Professional Development Grant

Currently: Closed

The EDGE Professional Development Grant allows Twin Cities Jewish educational organizations and programs to pursue opportunities and/or experiences that will benefit the growth and professional development of their educational staff, and by extension, improve educational outcomes for the children whom they teach.

EDGE Grant guidelines

EDGE Grant application

Women’s Endowment Fund

Currently: Closed

The Women’s Endowment Fund (WEF), a designated fund of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation funds new and/or innovative projects, programs or services that enhance the lives of Twin Cities women and/or children in the Jewish community.

Grants are considered to fund experimental, innovative and/or new projects, program or services not included in the operating budget of the applicant. Grants are not available to fund normal operating costs or programs or services that are currently being offered by the applicant. Grants are not available to fund basic needs (e.g. food and shelter). Grant decisions will favor projects, programs and services that seek to create long-term benefits for women and/or children. A portion of the funding available will be disbursed to fund programs that largely serve Jewish women and/or children.

Grants will be made only to organizations that are public charities and meet the requirements of Sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Programs for which funds are requested must relate to the goals and purposes of the grant applicant.

The availability funds from other sources will be taken into consideration in making grant awards. All proposals must indicate how the funded project will impact Twin Cities women and/or children in the Jewish community.

Grant will be awarded in amounts up to of $10,000. Grants are normally made on a one-time basis. Organizations may receive up to two consecutive years of grant funding per program.

For more information about the Women’s Endowment Fund and past grants, please go to, Community Resources, Grants, Women’s Endowment Fund.


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