What to Read?

A variety of translated Israeli literature and other books available

1948 A Soldier’s Tale: The Bloody Road to Jerusalem – Uri Avnery
A Place Among Nations – Benjamin Netanyahu
A Psalm in Jenin – Brett Goldberg
A Tale of Love and Darkness (Hebrew and English) – Amos Oz
A Trumpet in the Wadi – Sami Michael
A Woman in Jerusalem – A.B Yehoshua
Adjusting Sights – Haim Sabato
Alex: Building a Life. The Story of an American Who Fell Defending Israel – Told in his letters, Journals and Drawings
Beaufort – Ron Leshem
Beginnings – Meir Shalev
Bethlehem Road Murder – Batya Gur
Blood From a Stone – Yaaron Svoray and Richard Hammer
Closing the Sea – Yehudit Katzir
Day After Night – Anita Diamant
Death as a Way of Life – David Grossman
Entebbe – Ido Netanyahu
Exodus 1947: The Ship that Launched a Nation – Ruth Gruber
Feathers – Haim Be’er
From the Four Winds – Haim Sabato
From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab Jewish Conflict Over Palestine – Joan Peters
Golda – Elinor Burkett
Her Body Knows – David Grossman
Homesick – Eshkol Nevo
Ideas For the Jewish Nation – Azure
In the Land of Israel – Amos Oz
Memories After My Death: The Story of Tommy Lapid – Yair Lapid
Missing Kissinger – Etgar Keret
My Russian Grandmother and her American Vacuum Cleaner – Meir Shalev
Obsession of a Good Arab – Yoram Kaniuk
Ode to Joy – Shifra Horn
Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land: The Israelis – Donna Rosenthal
Our Holocaust – Amir Gutfreund
Raid on the Sun – Rodger W. Claire
Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East – Leon Habber
Scenes From a Village Life – Amos Oz (Hebrew)
Serial No.3817131 – Rachel Papo
Sharin: Israe’s Warrior-Politician – Anita Miller, Jordan Miller, Sigalit Zetouni
Snapshots – Michal Govrin
Someone to Run With – David Grossman
Strength and Courage: The Untold Story of the Machal Volunteers Who Helped Win Israel’s War of Independence – Dr. Jason Fenton
The Blue Mountain – Meir Shalev
The Book of Intimate Grammar – David Grossman
The Bus Driver Who Thought he was God – Etgar Keret
The Case Against Israel’s Enemies – Alan Dershowitz
The Eve of Destruction – Howard Blum
The Israel Test – George Gilder
The Liberated Bride – A.B Yehoshua
The Place Will Comfort You – Naomi Goldstein
The Ransomed of God – Harold Tropper
The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman
The Yellow Wind – David Grossman
Time Tunnel Series – Galila Ron Feder (Hebrew)
Under the Banner – Jon Krakaur
What Israel Means to Me – Alan DershowitzWhat Remains in Life – Zeruya Shalev (Hebrew)
When the Shark and the Fish First Met – Gilad Shalit
Women of the Wall: Claiming Sacred Ground at Judaism’s Holy Site – Phyllis Chesler, Rivka Haut
Women of Violence – Geula Cohen
World Cup Wishes – Eshkol Nevo
Zionism the Sequel – Carol diament

*Books in Hebrew are also available

What to See?

Israeli and non Israeli films available

7 Days
7 Minutes in Heaven
A Columbian Love Affair
A Green Chariot
A Hero in Heaven
A History of Israeli Cinema
A Late Marriage
A Matter of Size
A Place in Heaven
A Touch Away
Arab Labor (Season I)
Avia’s Summer
Big Dig
Broken Wings
Chatufim (season I & II)
Colombian Love
Columbia: The Tragic Loss
Ever Again
Eyes Wide Open
Fill the Void
Hagashash Ha Chiver (no subtitles)
Hunting for Elephants
I Was there in Color
Israel in a Time of Terror
Israel Inside
Israel’s War History
Ktzarim (Hebrew only)
Lebanon (no subtitles)
Lemon Tree
Little Heroes
Lo sam Zayin
Lost Islands
Love and Dance (Sipur Hatzi Russi)
Melting Away
My Lovely Sister
Operation Grandma
Operation Thunderbolt
Orange People
Oti Ze Mazchik (Hebrew Comedy)
Passover Fever
Precious Life
Shtisel – season 1
Someone to Run With
Spark – The Wonder of Israel 1997
Srugim (Israeli TV series) – Season I & II
Sweet Mud
Syrian Bride
The Band’s Visit
The Barbeque People
The Fifth Heaven
The Final Victory
The Flood
The Gatekeepers
The Loners
The Long Way Home
The Matchmaker
The Other Son
The Secrets
The Wonders
The World is Funny
Three Mothers
Time of Favor
Up the Wrong Tree
Walk on Water
Waltz With Bashir
West Bank Story
Yitzhak Rabin – An Unclosed Case
Yossi (the sequel of Yossi and Jager)
Yossi and Jagger

Educational Tool Box

Israel Education material available to all educators

A Bravery Fiercer than Death: The 35 Heroes of Gush Etzion
A History of Israeli Cinema
A Kids Catalogue of Israel (activities)
Covenant with Israel
For the Sake of Zion: Pride and Strength Through Knowledge
Gilad Shalit – Pidyon Shvuyim
Israel Declaration of Indepence (6ft poster)
Israel Interactive
Israel through Books
Israel through Films
Israel Trivia (various kits)
Israeli Flags (a variety of sizes)
Israeli posters
Krazot Mesaprot – Israel Independence Day Poster Series
Learning about Israel – First through Eight Grade
Maps of Israel
Michael Levin
My Israel
One Nation Two Homes – A Parallel Lives discsussion
Poster Talkback
Remembering Yitzhak Rabin – Lesson Plans
The Israel Puzzle Map
The Tribe
The Vision and the Venture of the Jewish People
Trees in the Land of the Bible
Walk the Land Posters (6ft posters of different cities in Israel)
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