Our Impact Areas

Making the world a better place is a big job.

That’s why we partner with a broad network of organizations that share our values and priorities. We like to think of these amazing partner organizations as falling into four essential impact areas: Jewish Education, Jewish Identity & Engagement, Caring Community, and Overseas & Israel. Read on to find out how each of these areas helps us empower, engage, and inspire every corner of our local and global Jewish community.

Our vision is to create a Jewish community where students, educators, and families can deepen their Jewish identity in an environment that is inclusive and accessible. By investing in our local schools, we’re investing in our collective Jewish future; so when you give to the community campaign, you’re making that future even brighter.

Stories of your impact

What’s it like being an educator during a global pandemic? Read on for our series on the effects of COVID-19 on our partner schools and how teachers rose to the challenge.

With our programming, we inspire and support all kinds of meaningful Jewish experiences that strengthen Jewish identity. We envision an engaged and committed future generation of leaders and doers, creating a vibrant Jewish community.

Stories of your impact

Through our Caring Community impact area, we act as a community convener to maximize the effect of our partner organizations on our community members. Because of the extraordinary work of our caring Jewish community partners, we’re able to ensure the most vulnerable among us are supported, included, and treated with respect.

Click here for our Caring Community partner organizations

Stories of your impact

Our Jewish community doesn’t end at the Minneapolis border—it’s truly global. The Overseas and Israel impact area affects the lives of Jews all over the world. From providing hot meals to Holocaust survivors in the FSU to investing in the next big startup in Rehovot, our impact is felt across the world.

Click here for our Overseas + Israel community partners

Stories of your impact
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