Hineini: I am here.

A poem compiled of teen’s reflections from the P2G Teen Exchange


 Hineini. I am here.
I am here because this experience…

Gave me a new light on Israel.

It showed me what it is to live in a Jewish culture all around you.

It gave me new friendships, bonds and an Israeli family.

This experience showed me that you can be a Jew:

Inside Israel.

Outside of Israel.

Believing in Gd.

Not believing in Gd.

It showed me that I can speak with teens from around the world, no matter their background.

This experience shaped my identity as a Jew.

Hinenei. I am here.


Why am I here?
Hinenei. I am here.
I am here to understand many perspectives.

I am here to be in Israel.

I am here to shape my identity.

To know new people.

To have friends from around the world.

To know what it is like to live as a Jew inside the land; outside the land.

I am here because I love being Jewish….because I love Israeli culture.

I am here to experience Israel through the eyes of Israelis; to live like an Israeli.

I am here because I love Israel.

Hineini. I am here.


Hineni. I am here.

Through this experience I learned that….

Israel is so much bigger than its size.

That youth groups help to form identity.
That Israelis live with constant threat around them…that Israelis love their country.

I learned that Jews will always have a safe haven in Israel.

Hineni. I am here.


Hineini. I am here because Israel…

Means everything to me.

Because Israel will always be here for the Jews.

I learned that Israel is full of heroes…people have fought for peace, for life, for survival.

Israel brings a sense of independence…when I leave, I leave a piece of my heart behind.

I learned that Israel…Israel is home.
Nochach. I have been.

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