In Minneapolis, you are giving seniors like Leah the opportunity to age with dignity.

87 year-old Leah* chats with the volunteer who picked her up to go to her doctor’s appointment. Living with Parkinson’s disease leahand dementia,Leah has regular doctor’s appointments – too many for her children to manage with their busy work schedules and growing families. Without the friendly and reliable transportation made available through your generosity, she would be homebound and unable to stay on top of her health issues.

According to Leah, these rides are a lifesaver. Not only is she able to regain independence and alleviate the burden on her children, her family can also rest assured that she is in safe hands.


In Israel, you’re helping new immigrants — many of zolodyevthem having just escaped persecution and war —  adjust to life in their new country.

“It’s a dream for a person from Lugansk to come to this place, to Israel… this is our home, our one and only home,” says Oksana Zolodyev.  Read more about the Zolodyevs on our blog >> 

In Hungary and across Europe and the former Soviet Union, you’re revitalizing Judaism.

In Hungary, people are taught to whisper when they say they’re Jewish. But at the Federation-supported Lauder Summer Camp, young Jews are learning to celebrate their campJudaism. “Because of you, I have six- and seven-year-olds teaching their parents what it means to be Jewish,” says Zsuzsa Fritz, Educational Director of the Lauder Camp. Read more from Zsuzsa — and see videos from camp–  on our blog >> 

In the former Soviet Union, you’re feeding the hungry.

Natalia, 55, prepares breakfast for her granddaughter, Narmia, in their cramped two-room home on the 7th floor of a walk-up. The smell from the stove barely masks the odor of urine, tobacco and alcohol that overtakes the long, dark corridors in their building. Natalia is thankful that she is able to prepare a warm meal for her granddaughter who frequentlynarmia
gets sick, largely due to her poor diet of bread and potatoes. She is just recently able to afford fresh groceries thanks to Federation’s commitment to helping the world’s most impoverished Jews. Natalia is grateful for the support of the international Jewish community.

“Thanks to your help, Narmia has a warm meal today,” she says.



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