The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is a group of committed, generous community memberswho have made financial commitments to ensure the long-term stability of our vibrant Jewish community. Your commitment is a powerful statement to your family and community about your values and your hopes for the future.

Interested in Joining The Legacy Society?

As you consider your legacy, we invite you to join our Legacy Society by:

  1. Declaring your intent or making a planned gift to Minneapolis Jewish Federation (MJF);
  2. Including MJF in your estate or financial plans; and/or
  3. Making a completed or planned gift to non-profit organizations in the general community for which they designate the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) as the manager.

Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your philanthropic goals, lifestyle, family, and financial needs. We would be happy to work with your professional advisor to find a planned gift that accommodates your needs, provides tax-advantaged giving, and assures that your wishes are fulfilled.

As a Legacy Society member, you will be honored for planning a gift to secure the future of our community and will receive invitations to exclusive Legacy Society and other MJF and JCF events.

Kol hakavod to these generous donors

Abramson, David H.

Adam and Talia Ribnick Baruch Family Philanthropic Fund

Adam William Lifland Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Adath Yeshurun Cemetery Endowment Fund

Adele Lieberman Tribute Fund of the WEF

Alan and Beverly Kasdan Philanthropic Fund

Albert & Deera Tychman Family Philanthropic Fund

Albert and Deera Tychman Young Leadership Award

Aleck Ostrow Permanent Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Alexander C. Lazar Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Alexander Muss High School in Israel

Allison D. Greenstein Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Alvin E. and Mildred H. Miller Philanthropic Fund

Andren, Lydia and Lee

Andrew Frankel Hurwitz Designated Fund

Anne Haydnet Cowl and Carl Banes Cowl Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Annette Paletz Memorial Scholarship for Alexander Muss High School in Israel Designated Fund

Ari Weinstein Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Arnold L. and Sylvia Goldman Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Arthur T. Pfefer Memorial Award Travel Fund

Artice and Morton Silverman L’Chaim Fund

Asher Mintzer Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Asher Pink Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Avi Baron Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Avinoam Kahn Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Aviva Goldblatt Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Barbara and David Eiger Philanthropic Fund

Barbara and Neal Frank Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Barbara Kronson Memorial Camp Scholarship Designated Fund

Barbara Lynn Adelman Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Barbara Rubin-Greenberg Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Baron Family Philanthropic Fund

Barry Effress Memorial L’Chaim Endowment

Ben and Joan Rischall Family Fund

Ben and Libby Koval Family Philanthropic

Ben Rosenzweig Holocaust Memorial Designated Fund

Benjamin Segal Family Philanthropic Fund

Benjamin V. Badower Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Benjamin Z. Kahn Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Benjamin Zack Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Bernard and Fern Badzin Philanthropic Fund

Bernie Bergman Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Bert Rockler Lion of Judah Endowment

Bertha and Irving Kutoff Family Philanthropic Fund

Beth Feinstein Trust

Beverly and Paul Kunin Family Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Beverly Lederfine Family Philanthropic

Bobby and Elliot Cohen Tzedakah Fund

Bobby and Missy Swiller Teen Israel Scholarship Fund

Bonnie and Steven Heller Rimon Designated

Bradley Birnberg and Stacy Pinck Family Phil Fund

Bressler Family Philanthropic Fund

Brita Lila Hunegs Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Bruce and Bobby Nemer Heilicher Mpls Jewish Day School Scholarship Designated Fund

Bruce and Bobby Nemer Talmud Torah of Mpls Scholarship Designated Fund

Bruce and Ilene Zwick Family Philanthropic Fund

Byron V. Schwartz and Sondra S. Ettlinger Jewish Identity Fund for Youth Designated

Cardozo New Lawyer and Law Student Program Designated Fund

Carolyn and Barry Gerr Philanthropic Fund

Carolyn and Stephen K. Lieberman Family Philanthropic Fund

Carolyn Lieberman Lion of Judah Endowment

Cathy and Richard Broms Camp Scholarship Designated Fund

Chad and Debbie Goldenberg Donor Advised Philanthropic Fund

Charles Even Lieberman Genesis Mitzvah

Clara Ruth Kaner Children’s Fund

Cohen, Lisa and James

Cohodes – Goldsteen Philanthropic Fund

Cohodes Goldsteen Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Corey Smith Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Cynthia Goldfine Lion of Judah Endowment Fund

Cyrile and Stephen Kieffer Fund

Dale and Lois Dobrin Family Donor Advised Fund

Dan and Jane Fesler Endowment Fund

Dana Rubin Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Daniel & Laura Robbins Charitable Endowment Fund

Daniel A. Mann Philanthropic Fund

Daniel D. Kahn Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Daniel Steven Kronfeld Baum Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Danny Gollin Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Danny, Zack and Eli Leonard Family Philanthropic Fund

David and Benjamin Greenfield Genesis Mitzvah Fund

David and Linda Estrin Family Philanthropic Fund

David Lev Hope Genesis Mitzvah Fund

David Machov Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Davy and Nile Greenberg Giving Fund

Delores Levin Lion of Judah Endowment

Diana Chazin Levitt Memorial Designated Fund (B’nai E’met Synagogue)

Doreen Frankel Lion of Judah Endowment

Dori and Gary Weinstein Philanthropic Fund

Doris and Edwin Sherman L’Chaim Fund

Dorothy and Harold Wittcoff Memorial Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Fund

Dorothy Dworsky Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Dotan Aviv Appelbaum Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Dr Harry S Friedman Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Dr. David H. and Lillian G. Kaplan Fund of MSCF

Dr. James E. Rubin Memorial Medical Scholarship Fund

Dr. Markle and Charlotte Karlen Charitable Gift Annuity

Dr. Melvin B. and Julianne V. Sinykin Memorial Fund of the Mount Sinai Community Foundation

Dr. Michael Belzer L’Chaim Fund

Dr. Moses and Bernice Cowl Gordon L’Chaim

Dr. Rosalind T. Chesler Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Drs. Linda and Scott Ketover Charitable

Dyanne and Andrew Cooperman Charitable Fund

Ed and Jane Zeman Family Donor Advised Fund

Edward E. Grosmann/I.S. Joseph Scholarship Fund (JVS/JFCS)

Elaine and Gary Dachis Family Philanthropic Fund

Elaine Budd Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Elaine Gingold Designated Fund

Elan Halpern Green Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Elana Kravitz Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Eli Badower Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Elianna Mintz Family Philanthropic Fund

Eliazer Lynne-Seligman Genesis Mitzvah

Elizabeth and Ernest Fraenkel Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Elliot Lazar Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Eloise Kelen Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Elsie Weisman Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Emet Elazar Lieberman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Emma F. Gilbert Tuition Fund for Children of Israeli Veterans

Eric L. Bressler Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Erwin and Arlis Grossman Family Philanthropic Fund

Erwin and Miriam Kelen Family Philanthropic Fund

Esther Freier Lion of Judah Endowment

Esther Novins Tribute Fund of the WEF

Ethan Heilicher Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Eva and Marius Cohn Designated Fund

Fay and Leonard Ribnick FamilyPhilanthropic Fund

Faye and Mayer Krupp Memorial PACE Fund

Felice E. Kronfeld Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Fenton, Suzanne and Lieberman, Dan

Frailich Family Philanthropic Fund

Frances and Samuel Finkelstein/Janice Finkelstein Mattison Memorial Fund of the MSCF

Francie and Barry Ross Family Philanthropic Fund

Frank and Carol Trestman Family Philanthropic Fund

Frank and Freda Schochet Educational Fund

Frank and Freda Schochet Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Frankel and Hurwitz Family Philanthropic

Fred and Tamara Wildauer Endowment Fund for Children with Special Needs

Fremajane and Blair Wolfson L’Chaim Fund

Fremajane Wolfson Lion of Judah Endowment

Frieda Kool Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Gabriel A. Kravitz Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Gabriel Robert Fruchter Genesis Mitzvah

Gail E. Machov Lion of Judah Endowment Fund

Gary and Susan Rappaport Family Philanthropic Fund

Gary Berman M.D. Family Philanthropic Fund

Gellman Family Philanthropic Fund

George and Marion Levine Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Gerald and Joy Bratter Philanthropic Fund

Gertrude F. and Harold Wippman Lion of Judah Endowment

Giesener Family Philanthropic Fund

Gisela Konopka Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Gurstel Family Philanthropic Fund

Halper Family Philanthropic Fund

Harad Family Philanthropic Fund

Harold and Adele Lieberman Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Harold and Cynthia Goldfine Endowment Fund

Harold and Eileen Scherling Philanthropic Fund

Harold and Florence Fischbein Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Harold and Mickey Bernstein Fund for Children with Special Needs

Harold and Mickey Bernstein Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Harold Roitenberg Family Philanthropic

Harry & Marilyn Karasov Family Phil Fund

Hart and Susan Kuller Family Philanthropic

Harvey and Barbara Ratner Family Philanthropic Fund

Harvey and Evelyn Flom Family Philanthropic Fund

Hausman Family Fund

Herman Donor Advised Fund

Howard & Marlee Kaminsky Donor Advised Fund

Howard B. and Ruth F. Brin Jewish Arts Endowment Fund

Hy and Sheila Paisner L’Chaim Fund

Ilan Mintz Family Philanthropic Fund

Ilana Weinstein Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Ingber Family Philanthropic Fund

Irving N Sadoff Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Irving Schectman Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Isadore and Molly Boroff Designated Fund

Ivan and Tina Rafowitz Family Philanthropic Fund

Jacob Garber Endowment Fund

Jacob Garber Endowment Fund, Section 2

Jacob M. Garber Education Scholarship Fund

Jacob Ratner Genesis Mitzvah Fund

James and Helain Pesis L’Chaim

Jane and Steve Benowitz Camp Scholarship

Jane L. Effress Lion of Judah Endowment

Jared H. Kaufman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Jay and Rose Phillips Memorial L’Chaim

Jean and Bud Rivkin Philanthropic Fund

Jeffrey and Cari Shaw Family Philanthropic

Jeffrey and Mary Werbalowsky Philanthropic

Jeffrey and Mary Werbalowsky Philanthropic Fund 2

Jennifer Berman Family Philanthropic Fund

Jerome and Margery Silverman & Grace E. Ketroser Family Philanthropic Fund

Jerome V. Lavin Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Jerry Strauss Memorial Designated Fund for Holocaust Education

Jessica Noaman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Jewish Communal Educator Professional Development Program Fund

Jewish Community Foundation Jewish Education Scholarship Endwmt Fund

Jewish Community Foundation Leadership

Jewish Community Foundation Unrestricted

Jill and Kevin Brazner Family Philanthropic Fund

Joan Chazin-Esterkin and Neil Esterkin Endowment for the Arts Designated Fund

Joan Feinberg Charitable Gift Annuity

Joan Miriam Feinberg Tribute to Children & Women’s Health & Welfare Fund of the WEF

Joe and Estelle Kane Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Joel A. Mintzer and Heidi A. Schneider Philanthropic Fund

Joel Ratner Genesis Mitzvah Fund

John and Elsie Halper Philanthropic Fund

Jon and Diane Rappaport Philanthropic Fund

Jonah Breen Fruchter Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Jonah Tapper Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Jonathan H. Cohen Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Joshua Scholarship Fund

Joy Kaplan Lion of Judah Endowment

Joy Marcus Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Judith and Alfred Marcus Charitable Gift

Judith and Alfred Marcus Family Designated Fund for Jewish Family & Childrens’ Services

Judith and Jon Harris Health & Healing Fund

Judith and Raymond Lazar Philanthropic

Judith L. Harris Lion of Judah Endowment

Judy and Alfie Marcus Family Designated Fund for PJ Library

Judy and Herbert Goldenberg Philanthropic Fund

Judy and Herbert Goldenberg Scholarship Designated Fund

Judy Gaviser Lion of Judah Endowment

Jules and Rose Levin L’Chaim Fund

Julius Ancer Senior Fitness Programming Fund at the Sabes Jewish Community Center

Julius and Jean Badiner Designated Fund (JVS/JFCS)

Kaitz Family Philanthropic Fund

Kalin, Steven

Kaminsky, Howard and Marlee

Kane, Morton and Merle

Karasov, Marilyn

Karasov, Robert & Bloomfield, Hannah

Kaynan Avi Appelbaum Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Ken Raskin and Lynn Lederman Philanthropic

Kenneth and Sally Appelbaum Holocaust Studies Fund

Kenneth and Sally Appelbaum Inquisition Studies Fund

Kenneth Stesin Genesis Mitzvah Fund

KI Learning Fund (Marc Kalatsky and Yarden Wolfe)

Koppel Family Philanthropic Fund

KTN Foundation Fund

Kuller Gerber Family Fund

Laura and Stephen Silberfarb Philanthropic

Laura Ratner Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Lavine Family Philanthropic Fund

Leah Keijlis Ingber Designated Fund

Lee and Barbara D. Bearmon Family Philanthropic Fund

Leeyah F. Heilicher Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Leo and Helen Wolk Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Leo Lieberman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Leon and Sylvia Sorkin Professional Achievement Award Fund

Leonard and Fay Ribnick Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Leonard Silesky Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Leora Goldblatt Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Levy, Jeffrey A.

Lichterman, Carol F

Linda and Robert Barrows Philanthropic

Linda Barrows Lion of Judah Endowment

Linda Fiterman Lion of Judah Endowment

Linda Ketover Lion of Judah Endowment

Loni and Allan Stillerman Philanthropic Fund, LOL (Laugh out Loni)

Lorraine and Stanley Schweitzer Pace Fund

Louis and Kay Galinson Scholarship Fund (JVS/JFCS)

Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund

Louis Herman Memorial Fund

Louise and Jerry Ribnick Family Philanthropic Fund

Ma’anit Tzoran Kibbutz Sasa Designated

Machov Family Philanthropic Fund

Mann, Debbie and Gil

Manny & Rose Fingerhut Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Mara Baron Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Marcee Harris Schwartz and Jon Schwartz Philanthropic Fund

Marcus Family Donor Advised Fund

Marcus, Alfred and Judith

Marcy Strauss Lion of Judah Endowment

Mark and Ilyne Ravich Charitable Fund

Mark Rotenberg Jerusalem Fund

Markowitz Family Philanthropic Fund

Marlee Stesin Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Marlene Miller Lion of Judah Endowment

Marsha Tankenoff Lion of Judah Endowment

Marshall and Deborah Mintz Charitable Gift Philanthropic Fund

Marvin F. Bank Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Mary Gottstein Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Matan Lee Appelbaum Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Matthew and Linda Gilfix Family Technology Designated Fund

Matthew Greenstein Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Max Fritz Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Max Kleinman Professional Continuing Education Fund

Melanie Greenstein Lion of Judah Endowment

Michael and Judith Berman Family Philanthropic Fund

Michael and Linda Fiterman Family Philanthropic Fund

Michael Harad Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Michael Raymond Mintz Family Philanthropic

Micki & Mort Naiman Fund for Holocaust Rememberance

Micki Naiman Charitable Gift Annuity

Micki Naiman Summer Camp Fund

Mike and Nancy Schoenberger Family Philanthropic Fund

Milstein, Howard & Gail

Mimi Gleekel Lion of Judah Endowment

Minneapolis Jewish Cemetery Endowment Fund

Minnesota Cantors Association Cantorial Scholarship Fund

Minnesota Israel Norway Education (MINNE) Holocaust Fellowships Fund

Minnie C. Keller Memorial Fund of the WEF

Mintzer, Joel and Schneider, Heidi

Miriam and Sarah Feingold Nechama FamilyPhilanthropic Fund

Miriam Kaitz Israel Program Designated

Miriam Kelen Lion of Judah Endowment Designated Fund

Mitzi Spiegel Lion of Judah Endowment

MJF Building Repair and Replacement Fund of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation

MJF General Endowment Fund

MJF Minneapolis Jewish Federation Chief Executive Officer Designated Fund

MJF Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

MJF Programs in Israel Endowment Fund

MJF Technology Designated Fund

MJF Temporary Emergency Housing

MJF Unrestricted David Tychman Bequest Fund

MJF Unrestricted Peretz Dworsky Bequest Fund

MJF Unrestricted Real Estate Proceeds Fund

Morris Berenberg Family Scholarship Fund (JVS/JFCS)

Mort and Micki Naiman Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Morton and Merle Kane Family Philanthropic

Morton and Merle Kane Philanthropic Fund

Mount Sinai Community Foundation

Mount Sinai Community Foundation Holding

Mulvien and David B. Trach Family Philanthropic Fund

Myra Giesener MJF Staff Professional Development Designated Fund

Nahum Family Philanthropic Fund

Nancy & Kevin Rhein Family PACE Fund

Nancy S. Brown Philanthropic Fund

Nancy Schachtman Lion of Judah Endowment

Nancy Schachtman Women and Children’s Fund

Naomi Ribnick Rose Donor Advised Fund

Natalie and Leonard Gale Camp Scholarship

Nechama – Jewish Response to Disaster Designated Fund

Nelson S. Neuman Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Nina Stillman Lion of Judah Endowment

Noah T. Berman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Norman and Dorothy Pink Philanthropic Fund

Northside Friendship Women’s Endowment Tribute Fund

Norton and Bert Rockler Philanthropic Fund

Numero Steinfeldt Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Orbuch Family Philanthropic Fund

Orbuch, David and Jill

Orielle Heilicher Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Parish Family Community Fund

Parks, Barbara and Larry

Pat and Tom Grossman Philanthropic Fund

Paul and Sybil Silverstein Philanthropic

Paulette Fink Lion of Judah Endowment

Phi Delta Epsilon Jewish Medical Fraternity (MSCF)

Rabbi Albert G. and Frances S. Minda Leadership Development Fund

Rafowitz, Ivan and Tina

Raley and Sam Segal Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Ralph Wittcoff Charitable Gift Annuity

Ratner Family Fund in Memory of Ilana

Raymond Lazar Philanthropic Fund

Rebekah M. Lear Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Renee and Arnold Lifson Family Philanthropic Fund

Richard G. and Judith Spiegel Philanthropic Fund

Richard M. Joseph and Ann R. Friedman Family Philanthropic Fund

Richard S. and Jeanne S. Levitt L’Chaim

Rimon Arts Fund

Rivian and Leonard Silesky Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Robert and Ann Jackson Family Philanthropic Fund

Robert and Anne Reznick Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Robert and Lucille Kelner Memorial Fund PACE

Robert and Marcy Strauss Family Philanthropic Fund

Robert J. Beugen Family Philanthropic Fund

Rose Beaver Calmenson & Ann Thorman Memorial Fund of the WEF

Rosenbloom Family Philanthropic Fund

Rotenberg Family Philanthropic Fund

Rubenstein, Joseph and Lee-Ann

Ruby Garfin Memorial Fund of the Mount Sinai Community Foundation

Rudolph and Gladys Miller Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Russ and Karen Rubin Family Philanthropic

Ruth F. Brin Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Ruth Kayla Hope Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Ruth Lynne-Seligman Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Ruth Peilen Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Sally A. Bressler Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Sally Jaclyn Abrams Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Sam and Betty Lavine Memorial L’Chaim Fund

Sam Parker Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Samantha Elizabeth Cohen Genesis Mitzvah

Samuel and Frances Finkelstein Lion of Judah Endowment

Samuel Ribnick Family Philanthropic Fund

Sanford and Marlene Goldberg Family Philanthropic Fund

Schaffer Chester Family Fund

Schermann, Josef

Selma Swartz Charitable Remainder Trust

Shapiro, Jerel J. and Judith T.

Sharon and Phil Snyder L’Chaim Fund

Sharon and William Hope Family Philanthropic Fund

Sharon Snyder Lion of Judah Endowment

Sheldon and Lili Chester Philanthropic

Sherry and Mimi Gleekel Family Philanthropic Fund

Shoshana Mann Philanthropic Fund

Sidney Kaplan Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Silberman, Sheldon and Melissa Cohen

Solomon and Annette Lederman Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment Fund

Sophie Fritz Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Spiller, Daniel and Jennifer Family

St Petersburg/Berlin Mission Fund

Stanley and Beatrice Cowle Family Philanthropic Fund

Steinfeldt, Sharron

Stephen E. and Sheila Lieberman Family Philanthropic Fund

Stern, Evan

Stesin, Dr. Mark & Heather

Steve Lear Donor Advised Fund

Steven A. Kalin Family Philanthropic Fund

Sue and Mike London Family Camp Scholarship

Susan & Bill Goldenberg Camp Scholarship

Susan and Mitchel Chargo Family Phil Fund

Susan and William S. Goldenberg Philanthropic Fund

Susan Chalfen Lion of Judah Endowment

Susan H. Rappaport Lion of Judah Endowment

Susan Krantz Lazar Lion of Judah Endowment

Susan W. Diamond Lion of Judah Endowment

Susie Selcer Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

Sussman, Alene and Anthony

Swartz, James & Selma

Talia Goldblatt Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Talia Kravitz Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Talia Rose Teplinsky Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Tamar Halpern Green Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Tamar-Fink, Inc. Fund

Tara Melissa Lifland Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Terry and Sheldon Fleck Philanthropic Fund

The Grandchildren of Dr. Fredric and Suzanne Langer Genesis Mitzvah Fund

The Greater Berman Family Music Fund

Theresa and Nathan Berman Tribute Fund of the WEF

Theresa Berman Lion of Judah Endowment

Todd and Amy Geller Family Philanthropic Fund

Toodie and Frank Trestman Collaborative Education Designated Fund

Toodie and Frank Trestman Special Needs Designated Fund

Toodie Trestman Lion of Judah Endowment

Tova Leah Mintz Family Philanthropic Fund

Tracy Sweet Memorial Fund

Twin City Holocaust Education Fund

Ubuntu I

Ubuntu II

Victor Cowl (Chaim Avigdor) Memorial Duluth, L’Chaim Fund

Vivian Mann Jewish Educator of the Year Designated Fund

Weinblatt/Bass Family Philanthropic Fund

William and Harriet Lumel Memorial Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment

William and Harriet Lumel Post Bar/BatMitzvah Educational Fund

William and Ruth Seltz Family Philanthropic Fund

William S. Rosen Jewish Unity Fund

Women and Children In Crisis Designated

Women’s Endowment Fund

Yellow Star Foundation

Yoni Israelson Genesis Mitzvah Fund

Zack Family Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Gilbert Burke Family Charitable Giving Fund

Zelda and Harold Goldenberg Memorial L’Chaim Fund

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