Investment Committee


The Investment Committee of the Jewish Community Foundation is comprised of 6-10 volunteers who are members of the local Jewish community and have a variety of professional expertise relating to the investment world.

The Investment Committee is primarily responsible for developing an investment strategy and evaluating and monitoring the performance of the portfolios on a regular basis so as to be reasonably assured of their compliance with the Investment Policy Statement; overseeing investment consultants, managers, and custodians, and periodic communication with donors. Specifically, the investment consultant is responsible for assisting the Committee and CFO in all aspects of managing and overseeing the Foundation’s assets. The firm’s performance is regularly reviewed and overseen by the Committee.

Members of the Investment Committee:

  • Ilene Zwick
  • Mike Badower
  • Ron Fingerhut
  • Ronald Kelner
  • David Parish
  • Gabrielle Parish
  • Marc Usem
  • Danny Zouber
  • Stephen Monto

Investment Options

As a donor to the Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, you have three investment options from which to choose. The Foundation staff is available to help you select the Investment Pool/Option that best meets your objectives.

You may recommend1 that the assets in your Fund be invested in one2 of the two investment portfolios (the Short Term Income or the Long-Term Growth and Income Pool) and/or the Israel Bond Investment Option, as described below:

Short-Term Income Pool

The Short-Term Income Pool seeks to generate a modest degree of income by investing primarily in short-term fixed income products. The primary objective is the preservation of capital. The secondary objective is to keep pace with inflation. This Pool is most appropriate for donors that plan to disburse a large portion of the funds within the next 1-3 years.

Long-Term Growth & Income Pool

The Long-Term Growth & Income Pool seeks to primarily provide for the long-term growth of principal. This Pool is most appropriate for donors that plan to distribute a small proportion of the fund balance each year, will make no distributions for a number of years before beginning to make distributions, and whose time horizon is 10+ years incorporating a full market cycle.

Israel Bond Investment Option

The Israel Bond Investment Option seeks to support the State of Israel by investing solely in the direct debt obligations of Israel. An investment in this Pool is appropriate for those donors who wish to support the State of Israel by investing in sovereign debt. Investments in this pool are illiquid and the Pool will hold each Israel bond until its maturity.

1 Please note that the Foundation is legally required to retain final discretion over investment decisions and will not follow a donor’s recommendations when it is determined that doing so would not be in the best interest of the Foundation, the Federation, or its beneficiaries.

2 Funds with a balance of $500,000 or more will have the option to invest in more than one pool.

JCF Portfolio Returns

Provided upon request.

JCF Portfolio Performance against Benchmarks

Provided upon request.

Marquette Associates is the current Investment Consultant to the Minneapolis Jewish Community Foundation. Marquette Associates was founded in 1986 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. They are an independent consulting firm with a dedicated research group and an open architecture investment platform. The firm provides advice to non-profit, corporate, Taft Hartley, Public and high net worth clients with roughly $238 billion* in assets under advisement.

*As of December 31, 2019

Asset Allocation
(as of end of August 2020)

JCF Portfolio3

Income Pool

Long-Term Growth & Income Pool


Asset Allocation:

U.S. Equities



Non-U.S. Equities



Fixed Income + Cash



Real Assets



Hedge Funds



Private Equity









3 While the Foundation strives to provide the most-up-to date information, the asset allocation of the Foundation’s investment pools is subject to change so more updated information may available.

Stock Donation Instructions

The Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation has a stock account is with Charles Schwab under “Minneapolis Jewish Federation” (the Foundation’s parent non-profit). We work with a local office in Wayzata and their phone number is 952-404-0398.

Account Information:
Minneapolis Jewish Federation
Account number: 6347-5114
DTC number: 0164
Federal ID: 41-0693866

In order to credit the proper account, please let us know the name of the stock you are transferring and the number of shares.

Please contact Michelle Shapiro at 952-417-2320 or with this information or if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your support of Federation and the Jewish community. We appreciate your generosity.

Choose the way you make a difference.

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