Become A Teen Philanthropist

For Teens

Mazel tov on your bar or bat mitzvah! Now is the perfect time to make the world a better place. Not sure how? We can help you start with your own Genesis Mitzvah Fund – or GMF for short.

People love to donate money to charity in honor of your big accomplishments. With a GMF, your friends and family can give money directly to a fund that you and your parents set up. Your fund will earn interest and grow (tax-free). Then, you can choose where to donate the money!


It’s amazing to be able to make a difference while I’m 14.

Talia G, 2008 bat mitzvah

Support your Jewish community through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, fight for animal rights, donate to your favorite camp, or help cure a disease – the options are endless. One thing is for sure though: with a GMF you’ll be someone’s hero.

Plus, we’ll show you how organizations around Minneapolis help our Jewish community and Jewish communities around the world so you can be a tzedakah expert. And you won’t do it alone! You’ll meet other teens who, like you, love being Jewish.

So, what do you think? Ready to change the world? Grab Mom or Dad and let’s get started!

smiling couple looking at camera

For Parents

We know, we know: just yesterday your teen was a baby. Sunrise, sunset and all that jazz. We’ve been there, and there’s no doubt about it: it’s bittersweet.

If your baby has to grow up, why not make sure they have a solid understanding of tzedakah – why not help them set up a Genesis Mitzvah Fund?

Ten years after the fund is opened and your babies are adults, remaining funds can become their Donor Advised Fund or their Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment for philanthropy for life!

You can read an inspiring article from a teen, now grown, who started his philanthropic journey with a Genesis Mitzvah Fund. Click here to read.

What you value matters

What do you support? When you invest in your values, your actions shape the world.

It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world.

— Pirkei Avot 1:17

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