Donor Advised Funds


Find your philanthropic passion. We’ll help.



The Jewish Community Foundation of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation (the Foundation) wants to help you leverage your philanthropic power. For a limited time, the Foundation will contribute $2,500 toward the minimum gift amount of $10,000 to each of the first ten (10) new Donor Advised Philanthropic Funds opened at the Foundation.


If you’re interested in this first-come, first-served opportunity or have any questions, please contact Alene G. Sussman, Jewish Community Foundation Director, at 952-417-2316.


What is a Donor Advised Philanthropic Fund (“DAF”)?

  • A DAF is like a charitable giving account or fund to which you, your family and even your friends can contribute money.
  • The Foundation invests that money with the goal of growing your charitable dollars (tax-free); so you have more to donate to your favorite causes.
  • You and your designated family members can make donations from the fund at any time to support causes of your choice to almost any charitable organization – Jewish or secular, local or global, as long as the organization meets certain charitable requirements and does not conflict with Federation’s mission.


Click here to view the Foundation’s brochure which explains more about DAFs.


How the program works:

  • The DAF must be opened with a minimum gift of $5,000.
  • Donors will have one year to bring the DAF contributions up to a total of $7,500.
  • Once the DAF contains at least $7,500, the Foundation will contribute an additional $2,500 to the fund.
  • Distributions from the DAF can be made once the fund has received a minimum of $10,000 in assets.

Who is eligible?

  • First time fund holders at the Foundation

What is expected from donors?

  • The Foundation encourages Donors to use the $2,500 contribution from the Foundation for Jewish causes.
  • In an effort to promote philanthropy in our community, we ask that donors act as ambassadors to spread the word about opening a DAF at the Foundation.

What you value matters

What do you support? When you invest in your values, your actions shape the world.

It is not what one says, but rather what one does, that makes all the difference in the world.

— Pirkei Avot 1:17

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