Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund Recipients

Since its inception in 1995, the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund has awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants to over 1000 Minneapolis teens.ย  Many recipients of the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund return from their trips withย  an enhanced sense of their global Jewish community, and with a commitment to actively participate in their local Jewish community. Learn more about the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund here. Below, you can meet some of the standout teens who’ve received Louis Herman funding!

Curious about traveling to Israel? Want to learn more about funding options? Our Israel Program Specialist at our Israel Center, Amanda Feigin, is standing by to help you find a program that is the right fit for you! Email Gabe today!

Benjamin Adelman photo

Benjamin Adelman

Program: Alexander Muss High School in Israel | 2021

Sidney Gelperin photo

Sidney Gelperin

BBYO | 2021

Sam Goldman photo

Sam Goldman

BBYO | 2021

Justin Kadet photo

Justin Kadet

BBYO | 2021

Andre Kristal photo

Andre Kristal

BBYO | 2021

Yirga reminick photo

Yirgalemahu Reminick

BBYO | 2021

Zach Rosenberg photo

Zachary Rosenberg

BBYO | 2021

Grace Stillman photo

Grace Stillman

BBYO | 2021


Eli Striker photo

Eli Striker

BBYO | 2021

Aidan Swartz photo

Aidan Swartz

BBYO | 2021

Chasya Rivkah Idstein photo

Chasya Idstein

Bnos Chava Seminary | 2021

David Ramberg photo

David Ramberg

Derech Institute for Torah Studies | 2021

Jadyn Victor photo

Jadyn Victor

Give (NCSY) | 2021

Dahlia Krebs photo

Dahlia Krebs

Midreshet Lindenbaum | 2021

Sydney Frank photo

Sydney Frank

NFTY in Israel (Chalutzim Ba’aretz) | 2021

Sonja Milkovich photo

Sonja Milkovich

NFTY in Israel (Chalutzim Ba’aretz) | 2021

Lily Greenberger photo

Lily Greenberger

TJJ: Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey | 2021

Mira Malka photo

Mira Malka

TJJ: Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey | 2021

Sam Badzin photo

Sam Badzin

USY | 2021

Bella Feldman

USY | 2021

Gracie Kermisch photo

Gracie Kermisch

USY | 2021

Eve Miller photo

Eve Miller

USY | 2021

Eitan Sacks photo

Eitan Sacks

USY | 2021

Juliana Seewald photo

Juliana Seewald

USY | 2021

Max Wolfe photo

Maxwell Wolfe

USY | 2021

Jacob Baker photo

Jacob Baker

Yeshivat Ohr David | 2021

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