Eight Moments Powered by You

Day 1

Our aging community members—your parents and grandparents— raised us, loved us, and worked hard to make this community the vibrant Jewish Minneapolis we know today. Your gift to Federation supports Sholom in providing care for our elderly community members in a welcoming Jewish environment.

Day 2

Your support of Federation builds bridges between Israel and Minneapolis. Through programs like Partnership2Gether, teens travel to Israel, share pieces of our culture, and leave with new understanding of and appreciation for Israel.

Day 3

Everyone should experience the magic of Jewish summer camp—and thanks to you, kids in our community are making lifelong friendships and celebrating their Judaism through Federation’s camp scholarship program.

Day 4

Ira didn’t discover she was Jewish until she was a teenager. Now, she’s proudly raising her seven year old to be Jewish in Odessa, Ukraine. Your gift supports the programs that continue to bring Jewish community to Odessa—so that generations will continue to celebrate their Judaism.

Day 5

The Moishe House Concept is simple: three young adults rooming together, hosting Jewish events. These events fill the gap between graduating college and starting a family—a gap so many young adults find lacking in Jewish experiences.

Day 6

Thanks to our partner agencies and your support for camp advocates through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, children with special needs get to experience Jewish summer camp just as their mainstreamed peers do—and isn’t that what being a kid is all about?

Day 7

With your support to Federation, Natalia can afford fresh groceries to keep her granddaughter, Narmia, healthy—all the way in the former Soviet Union.

Day 8

Jessica and Emet met on a Masa Israel Program, a long-term Israel immersion program funded by your support of Federation. “Everyone says our relationship is truly meant to be,” said Jessica. We agree!

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