Join The Concierge Corps

Drink coffee. Make a new friend. Get a free t-shirt. Interested? All you need is an outgoing personality and a love of the Minneapolis Jewish Community and you can join the team of friendly faces known as the Concierge Corps.


What is the Concierge Corps?

Known around our office as the C-Corps, this low-investment, feel good volunteer opportunity was designed to ensure that everyone – whether they are new to the Minneapolis Jewish Community or have lived here there entire life – is able to connect to programs, services and opportunities that are meaningful to them. The C-Corps consists of a diverse group of volunteers that act as the welcoming arm of the community, and in a sense, volunteers serve as “Minneapolis mentors” to newcomers.


What would I be doing?

You might be asked to meet with a newcomer for coffee – someone around your same age, going through the same life experiences. You’ll chat with them about your favorite things about the community and help them get connected.


You could volunteer at the Community Concierge booth at a community event, meeting new people and answering questions about Jewish opportunities.


You’ll spend a few hours with some other C-Corps volunteers stuffing welcome boxes to deliver to newcomers for their first Shabbat.


What are the requirements?

We weren’t exaggerating – all you need is an outgoing personality and a love of the Minneapolis Jewish Community!


How do I get involved?

Contact our Community Concierge– she can’t wait to hear from you!

952.417.2313 |


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