David Tychman Missions Program


The David Tychman Missions Program celebrates the legacy of David Tychman, a lifelong supporter of Federation and avid traveler.

Experience your global Jewish community firsthand.

A Federation mission is more than a trip — it’s an adventure that will change the way you look at the Jewish world. Join us on one of our missions and see breathtaking sights, meet incredible people, taste amazing food and experience what it really means to change a life and be part of a global Jewish community. Click here to see real life stories from some of our most recent missions.

Where we travel:


Explore more than 2,000 years of history and a thriving modern cultural scene. Meet Ethiopian immigrants that depend on our support to thrive in Israeli society. Discuss politics with a member of Parliament. Every Federation mission to Israel is different – but every mission is unforgettable.


“We really got a sense of how alive and enthusiastic about Judaism the Cuban community is, and how Federation and its partners have made a huge difference.” Bobby Swiller

You’ll never forget the look on a Cuban child’s face when you hand him a baseball, and you won’t be able to explain the relentless optimism, passion and struggles of the Cuban Jewish community.

Former Soviet Union

“’Without you,’ Tatiana told me, ‘I wouldn’t be alive.” –Lori Fritz

Experience the intersection of heartbreak and hope in the former Soviet Union. You’ll meet elderly Holocaust survivors that depend on Federation support to stay alive, and go to Jewish summer camp with exuberant children at the beginning of their Jewish journey.


“We formed intense bonds through our mutual experiences during this time together. Those bonds transcend age and provide us with a greater sense of community. This is the finest way to see the needs that we must focus on, both locally and globally, to continue doing tikkun olam.” –Dr. Linda Ketover, Morocco Mission Co-Chair

Trace centuries of Jewish life and learn how Jewish history unfolded in this Muslim country, known for its religious tolerance.

Let’s go somewhere

For more information, contact Federation Missions Manager Alyssa Huck

ahuck@jewishminneapolis.org | 952.417.2323

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