Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council

Rimon (ri-MṐN) 1. Hebrew for pomegranate 2. Ancient symbol of fruitfulness and abundant good deeds 3. The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council founded in 1995.


Rimon’s Summer Arts Mentorships Flourish

Rimon continues to innovate in teen arts education through its Young Artist Mentorships, funded by Kris and John MacDonald. Student writers Noa Gross and Shira Hanovich and photographers Eliah Fink and Haya Fine are sharpening their skills and expanding their horizons with local arts professionals, writer Alison Morse and photographer Debra Fisher Goldstein.

Fisher Goldstein observes, “What I find tremendously gratifying is the cross-pollination between us – three people of differing ages, experience, and interests, seeding each other with creative ideas and possibilities.” Morse agrees, “In our work and meetings, we question the world and our place in it with empathy and candor. Together, we are artists and teachers.”

Always eager to explore new ideas, Rimon has added a new program – a visual arts public mentorship. It’s designed for anyone – beginner or experienced artist – who has started (or would like to start) a project and is looking for critical feedback on their creative practice.

The four participants (visual artists Kyna Levi, Madalina Kelner, Phil Raskin, and Suzanne Fenton) work in many disciplines – from ceramics and photography to painting and multimedia art-making. Their mentor, Avigail Manneberg, is helping the participants identify the essence of their work and strengthen their project’s impact.

Mannenberg comments, “We explore different perspectives and artistic practices. Themes of identity, community, connection, and how to create an impact with our artistic work – we explore it all in our meetings.”

See and hear what these remarkable artists are exploring in their informal dialogue and exhibit. 

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