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Rimon (ri-MṐN) 1. Hebrew for pomegranate 2. Ancient symbol of fruitfulness and abundant good deeds 3. The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council founded in 1995.

Project Support Grants

The Rimon Arts Fund was created by the generosity of hundreds of donors in our community. Since 2005, Rimon has awarded $213, 000 to 107 projects.  These grants provide financial, marketing, and production support to projects that explore Jewish identity, history, or values through the arts.

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Project Support Grant Past Recipients

2019-2020 Project Support Grant Recipients

Eight projects were chosen for support in 2019-2020.

  1. Katya Oicherman will present a series of performances at White Page Gallery in Minneapolis in the spring of 2020, reflecting on her childhood in the Soviet Union using digital animations, storytelling, and soft functional sculptures.
  2. The musical ensemble Incantare will perform “EXILE: Jewish Musicians and Their Contemporaries in Early Modern Europe” in November 2020 along with numerous supplementary educational programs.
  3. The Sabes JCC will exhibit a unique selection of little-known works by Rube Goldberg in August 2020 as well as hosting a multi-generational Rube Goldberg-inspired workshop.
  4. Minnesota Hillel received funding to help commission local Jewish artists Allan Shultz and Claude Riedel to design and install a ner tamid, ark, reader’s table, and bimah seat. These beautiful ritual items will be a crown jewel in Hillel’s new chapel.
  5. Zachary Goldberg received funding to create fifteen poems for inclusion in his manuscript Karl::Groucho, which explores the dissonances of Jewish American identity.
  6. The Minnesota Sinfonia will feature Israeli soloists Amit Peled and Alon Goldstein in next year’s season as well as new compositions by the Sinfonia’s artist director, Jay Fishman.
  7. Brooks Turner was awarded funds to support the exhibition of his art work in Legends and Myths of Ancient Minnesota at the Weisman Museum.
  8. Amanda Minoff will complete her novel, The Child Who Does Not Know How to Ask, and will organize a reading series of Jewish and historically underrepresented authors.

Spring 2019 Project Support Grant Recipients

Six projects were chosen for support in Rimon’s Spring 2019 grant round.

  1. Writer/producer Gail Rosenblum will produce a teaching curriculum to accompany her work-in-progress, MILKWEED, a feature-length animated film based on Jerry Spinelli’s young adult novel about the Holocaust.
  2. Sarah Myers will create story circles for Jewish and Muslim youth in the Twin Cities with collaborator Fardosa Hassan, exploring the commonalities between these two faith communities and confronting the stereotypes about them.
  3. Rebecca Heidenberg will produce a short experimental film that deals with issues around migration anchored in the narrative of philosopher Walter Benjamin’s escape from Nazi-occupied France.
  4. Photographer Linda Brooks will publish her first monograph, PROXIMITIES, reflections on art, education, activism.
  5. Hineni will collaborate with artist Denise Tennen on Cheshbon HaNefesh on the Mississippi River: Preparation for Rosh Hashanah through Nature and Art at Crosby Farm Park in St. Paul.
  6. Theater director Carolyn Levy will collaborate with playwright Cynthia Cooper in doing research for the development of a play, I Was a Stranger, Too, about Jewish families who respond to the refugee crisis in a personal way.

See All Past Grantees

Spring 2005
Jewish Women and Prayer/visual artists​​​​​
Twin Cities Jewish Middle School/ceramic mural​​​​

Fall 2005
Ida’s Story/film​​​​​​​​
Sheltering Home Chronicles/visual art​​​
Company of Angels: The Story of Charlotte Salomon/theater​​
Center Playhouse/interactive visual arts workshops​​​​

Spring 2006
Voice to Vision/film​​​​​​​​

Fall 2006
Olive Bieringa/film​​​​​​​​
Festival of Lights/theater​​​​​​​
Keren Or/photography & writing​​​​​​

Spring 2007
Idit Cytron/arts therapy​​​​​​​
Jay Isenberg/architectural installation​​​​​​
Sheltering Home Chronicles/spoken word workshop & photography​
Sabes JCC/Keshet Dance Company​​​​​​

Fall 2007
Sylvia Horwitz/photographer​​​​​​​
Jewish Community Relations Council (Laura Zelle)/visual narrative​
Minnesota Film Arts/International film festival​​​​

Spring 2008
St. Paul JCC/Scattered Among the Nations/photography & workshops ​
Keren Or/website development​​​​​​

Fall 2008
Bais Yaacov High School for Girls/theater​​​​​
Talmud Torah of Minneapolis/arts education​​​​​​
Intermedia Arts/Spirit in the House performance festival​​​
VocalEssence/choral concert​​​​​​​

Spring 2009
Elisa Korentayer/musician​​​​​​​
Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater/seniors movement workshops​​
Jenna Zark/theater​​​​​​​​

Fall 2009
Ran Shapira/photographer​​​​​​​
One Voice Mixed Chorus/concert production & commission​​
Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company/theater production​​​
3-Minute Egg/video portraits​​​​​​​

Spring 2010
Twin Cities Jewish Chorale/choral concert production​​​
Playwrights’ Center/theater workshop​​​​​

Fall 2010
Margie Newman/literary reading​​​​​​
VOICE (Sabes JCC)/film production​​​​​​
Minnesota Film Arts/Jewish film series​​​​​
Adath Jeshurun Congregation/visual art exhibition​​​​​​​​​​

Spring 2011
Jane Strauss/photography book​​​​​​
Craig Harris/concert production​​​​​​

Fall 2011
Miryam Kabakov/film series​​​​​​​
Laura Silver/film production​​​​​​​
Heart of the Beast Theatre/theater production & tour​​​
TVbyGIRLS/film production​​​​​​​
World Without Genocide/conference arts activities​​​​

Spring 2012
St. Paul JCC’s Camp Butwin/art production​​​​​
Hillel at University of Minnesota/art production​​​​

Fall 2012
Singers in Accord/choral conductor residency​​​​
Sabes JCC/film and photography exhibit​​​​​

Spring 2013
Oratorio Society of Minnesota/choral concert​​​​
Jay Isenberg/architecture affinity group​​​​​
ettyplay, inc./theatre production and residency​​​​

Fall 2013
Minnesota Film Arts/film festival​​​​​​
Zorongo Flamenco/dance-theater production​​​​​
Ethan Rowan Pope/visual art school residency​​​​
Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company/theater production​​​

Spring 2014
World Without Genocide/documentary film​​​​​
St. Paul JCC/Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival​​​​
Curt Brown/non-fiction​​​​​​​

Fall 2014
Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies/visual art opening event​​
Keren Kroul/painting​​​​​​​​
Rachel Breen & Alison Morse/multimedia​​​​​

Spring 2015
Sabes JCC/new initiative/multimedia​​​​​​
Fortune’s Fool Theatre/theater​​​​​​
International Friendship through the Performing Arts/music​​​

Fall 2015
Illusion Theater/theater​​​​​​​
Maggie Bearmon Pistner/theater​​​​​​
Jewfolk Media, Inc./arts writing​​​​​​
Twin Cities Jewish Chorale/music​​​​​​

Spring 2016
Judith Brin Ingber/theater​​​​​​​
Northern Starz Theatre Company/theater​​​​​
Tamara Nadel/dance​​​​​​​​
Judith Eisner/music​​​​​​​​
Cia Sautter/dance​​​​​​​​

Fall 2016
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra/music​​​​​
Craig Harris/multimedia​​​​​​​
Bakken Trio/music​​​​​​​​
Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company/theater​​​​​
Alan Berks/theater​​​​​​​​
Jewish Community Relations Council/theater​​​​

Spring 2017
The Baroque Room/music​​​​​​​
St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts/music​​​​​
World Without Genocide/film​​​​​​
Max Sparber/theater​​​​​​​​

Fall 2017
Z Puppets Rosenschnoz/puppet theater​​​​​
Kyna Levi/visual arts​​​​​​​​
Illusion Theater/theater​​​​​​​
St. Paul JCC/music​​​​​​​​

Spring 2018
Minnesota Sinfonia/music​​​​​​​
Lior Shragg/music education​​​​​​​
Jeff Weinberg/film​​​​​​​​
Twin Cities Jewish Chorale/music​​​​​​

Fall 2018
Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company/theater​​​​​
Harmony Theatre Company & School/theater​​​​
Michael Kuhne/non-fiction​​​​​​

Spring 2019
Linda Brooks/photography​​​​​​​
Gail Rosenblum/film​​​​​​​​
Sarah Myers/storytelling​​​​​​​
Rebecca Heidenberg/film​​​​​​​
Hineni/visual art​​​​​​​​
Carolyn Levy/theater​​​​​​​​

Fall 2019
Katya Oicherman/multimedia performance
Eric Lipman/online concert production
Incantare/music performance
Sabes JCC/visual arts exhibition & workshop

Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council
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