Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council

Rimon (ri-MṐN) 1. Hebrew for pomegranate 2. Ancient symbol of fruitfulness and abundant good deeds 3. The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council founded in 1995.

Artist Salons

The Rimon Artist Salons have been called “one of the leading series of Jewish events in the country.” Since 2007, Salons have investigated dance, photography, slam poetry, popular music, puppetry, glass arts, fiction, papercutting, multimedia installation, film, architecture, theater, painting, video, and non-fiction.


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The Rimon Artist Salon Series is funded by gifts from Bruce Goodman, the Oren and Sharron Steinfeldt Foundation, and a gift in memory of David Tychman – an avid supporter of the arts, much missed by his family.

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