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Rimon (ri-MṐN) 1. Hebrew for pomegranate 2. Ancient symbol of fruitfulness and abundant good deeds 3. The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council founded in 1995.

Artist Salons

Salon Season 2019-2020

A Century of the Dybbuk: 1920/2020 – Thursday, August 27, 7 p.m.

Rimon celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first performance of S. Ansky’s seminal play The Dybbuk with a virtual Artist Salon. A Century of The Dybbuk: 1920/2020 features commissioned new work by musician Eddie Estrin and playwright Jenna Zark. The Dybbuk, created as a result of Ansky’s ethnographic tour of pre-revolutionary Jewish villages in the Russian empire, has inspired an astonishing range of artistic response ever since. Mark Meister, the new Executive Director of The Museum of Russian Art, will moderate the discussion.

2019-2020 Artist Salons:

I Sing for Bathsheba: Looking for God in Drag
Max Brumberg-Kraus, Noam Sienna
Sun., Nov. 24, 2019–2 PM @ Studio Z, St. Paul

I Sing for Bathsheba: Looking for God in Drag Highlights Video and Photos

Handed Down
Robyn Awend, Beth Barron, Rachel Breen
Sun., Feb, 16, 2020–2 PM @ Textile Center, Minneapolis

Handed Down Highlights Video and Photos

Listen to the Voices: Immigrant Stories
Sergio Barer, Adam Wernick
Tuesday, July 28, 7 p.m.

Listen to the Voices: Immigrant Stories Highlights Video


A Century of The Dybbuk: 1920/2020
Eddie Estrin, Jenna Zark, Mark Meister
Thursday, August 27, 7 p.m.



Watch highlight videos from the 2018-19 salon season

To the adventuring artist and art lover, Respons-a! was a performance “experiment” like none other. One curator/ two married couples / four artists: Katya Oicherman, Boris Oicherman, Pedram Baldari, and Nooshin Hakim Javadi, sat in the round and sought out the questions each of us cares about in our professional and private personae. With Palestinian olives, wine, and question-cards it was a journey of exploration and process.
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In the creative and cozy paper studio, Aaron Silver spoke about getting in the “zen” zone and working extremely slowly and carefully. Moderator Freya Richman encouraged Aaron to explain his precise process using layers in PhotoShop, and guests were delighted to see stop-motion videos and close-up clips of him wielding the knife’s edge. The Salon concluded with the presentation of Aaron’s commissioned #papercut piece. He was given free artistic reign with the encouraged inspiration of #SocialJustice. He took a #Yiddish #prayer from Rosh Hashana asking to liberate all imprisoned. The SOLD OUT Cutting Out Injustice: Revolution in Jewish Papercuts Salon was a great success.
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On a frigid Sunday afternoon in January, at the sunny Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, Eli Libson, video game designer, cartoonist, and illustrator and artist Marty Harris joined in conversation about the rich history of Jewish illustrators and the use of guile as part of the cultural outsider’s toolkit at High-Brow/Low-Brow: An Illustrator Looks Askance at Art. Who gets to decide what is art?
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The Trail Forward, a work-in-progress by composer and multi-instrumentalist Lisa Gutkin, tells the story of growing up with 85 lefty, Jewish, outdoor-loving, garment worker grandparents. Rabbi Arielle Lekach-Rosenberg joined Lisa in conversation about making change through collective action and the power of music to ignite it.
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Watch the highlight video from Sun Mee Chomet's Artist Salon, May 2014

Sun Mee Chomet is one of the busiest theater artists in town. If you ever go to the theater, you’ve probably seen her at the Guthrie, at Mu, or at 10,000 Things. One of our earliest salons featured her as an actor and playwright in “Asian & Jewish.” Sun Mee also received a Norman Ackerberg Travel Study grant through Rimon that sent her to Vienna. Her research in Austria gave rise to a play-in-progress which Rimon featured in another salon in 2014, Writing Backwards: Finding Meaning in a Family’s Past.

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