RAJMN-YALA Mini-Grants

Thanks to the vision, guidance, and support from Genesis Philanthropy Group, Minneapolis and Saint Paul Federations, there is now a way to get funds and resources into the hands of the individuals in the Twin Cities Russian Speaking Jewish communities. RAJMN-YALA Mini-Grants are being made available for young professionals and college students.

RAJMN-YALA Mini-grants are available for initiatives in the Twin Cities Russian Speaking communities geared towards:

  • RSJ community building 
  • Israel 
  • Holocaust remembrance & education
  • Jewish cultural and educational events

Ilana Volodarsky will oversee the application process, selection of grantees and their work and facilitate the orientation session once the finalists are selected.

Individuals selected to receive grants will provide reports to Ilana regarding the implementation and status of their initiatives by June 1st, 2019.

Preserving Holocaust memories from the Former Soviet Union
Lev was born in Moscow, Russia and got in touch with his Jewish identity when he began attending one of the first Jewish schools in Moscow. Since then Lev has been involved with various Jewish organizations, both in Russia and in the United States. His interests include Jewish culture, music and relationships and between Jewish and other cultures.

Shabbat and Jewish Holiday’s events
Natella, was born in Uzbekistan former USSR in a Jewish middle-class family. Despite Soviet times where religion was banned, her family has raised all the kids according to Jewish laws knowing who they are. Family secretly celebrated Shabbat and all high holidays and kept kosher but never made it official to others around. Her father knew how to read Hebrew as fast as any rabbi, who was taught by his father at age 5. Natella was always curious to learn more about her background thus was always a part of all Sohnut events and also attended Jewish women colel. Also was attending Hebrew classes and Jewish summer camp. Once she became a Madriha herself for the Jewish camp and taught kids all she has previously learned. Fortunately, time changed and around 25 to 20 years ago the entire family has immigrated to NYC, USA. That was the most exciting journey in Natella’s life where she made many friends, connection during her college years and acquired many friends amongst coworkers. After getting married she has relocated to MN, were she is currently raising two precious little people along with her amazing husband.

Arts/Culture/Community building

Lora was born in Ukraine. Lived in Moscow, immigrated with her parents to Israel in 1990. She graduated high school in Israel, served in Israel defense force and was released at the end of the full service of almost 2 years as a sergeant.

Lora finished her first degree of Economic and received her MBA from Technion, one of the world’s top science and technology research universities. Lora worked as a financial manager and CFO in several Israel and American organizations. Lora is a member of Tel Aviv Rotary club and currently visiting Plymouth Rotary club. Currently, live in Minnesota.

Introducing the new generation to the great RSJ writers of the 20th century and their contribution to the world heritage.

Sasha was born in Moscow and moved to the US with my family in 1992.

While in Russia I participated in different theater school productions. My music education in classical piano allowed me to provide musical accompaniment in several productions I was engaged in. Sasha took some theater classes at the Guthrie and University of Minnesota. I have helped in conducting theater workshops for children at Limud FSU in 2016.  I have been actively volunteering at RAJMN from the very beginning and in 2017 received a volunteer of the year award. Currently pursuing a Masters in Science degree at the University of Minnesota.

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