Strategic Outcomes

Community Priorities: An Overview

In 2013, Federation’s Board of Directors asked a strategic question: How should we focus our funds to maintain the vibrant Jewish community we enjoy today?

After several months of work with community stakeholders, five Community Priorities emerged. Ever since, these priorities have served as guidance for everything that Federation does.

Why Strategic Outcomes are important to your Program Based Funding Application:

It’s important to us – and to the community – to ensure every program we fund is poised to produce outcomes consistent with the Priorities.

That’s where the Strategic Outcomes come in.

The Community Priorities are broad. Beneath each priority, we identified more tangible goals and outcomes. With these Outcomes, we can be sure that every dollar invested in Federation is working toward our Community Priorities.

When you submit your Letter of Inquiry for Program Based Funding, you’ll need to let us know which Strategic Outcome(s) your program addresses.

Below, you can expand the goals to explore Outcomes within each goal.

Or download a document with a full description of all goals and Strategic Outcomes.


Goal: Ensure vulnerable Jews receive care and support

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Low-income members of the Jewish community have their basic needs met (including food, shelter,
    medical care, and basic social services), become self-sufficient, and feel connected to the community.
  • Vulnerable seniors in the Jewish community are able to age with dignity and have their basic needs met (including food, shelter medical care and assistance with daily living), and feel connected to the
  • Jewish community members with special needs (including individuals with cognitive and physical
    disabilities) are able to achieve their potential and feel connected to the community.
  • Jews who face temporary, unexpected challenges (including, but not limited to, unemployment, illness,
    violence) receive short-term services during times of crisis.

Goal: Strengthen the health of the communities where we live

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Jewish community members in Minneapolis of all ages are engaged, volunteer time, and donate
    resources to ensure vulnerable people locally and around the world receive care and support needed to
    maintain a reasonable quality of life.


Provide access to meaningful Jewish experiences

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Children, teens, young adults and families regularly participate in affordable and varied experiential and formal Jewish cultural, religious, social justice and educational offerings, which they find to be
    meaningful and compelling and that lead to increased engagement with the Jewish community.

Goal: Foster an inclusive community

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Jews who have traditionally felt marginalized in the local Jewish community (including, but not limited
    to, people who are intermarried, LGBT, unaffiliated, newcomers and people with special needs and their
    families) feel welcomed and valued and are active and engaged participants and leaders in the Jewish

Goal: Make Minneapolis a hub and destination for young Jewish adults

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Jewish young adults in Minneapolis engage in inspiring and meaningful social and professional
    networking opportunities in-person or through the use of technology.
  • Jewish young adults feel supported by the Jewish community in their career and personal development.


Goal: Increase positive feelings about Israel

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Jewish community members are committed to and regularly engage in vibrant, dynamic, diverse Israel
    programs, educational opportunities, and activities that result in strong feelings of connection to,
    interest in, and support for Israel.
  • Members of the broader Minneapolis community are engaged through Israel programs, educational
    opportunities, and activities that result in knowledge and positive feelings about Israel.
  • The public, media, government officials and opinion leaders are knowledgeable about and have positive feelings about Israel.

Goal: Build and strengthen personal connections to overseas Jewish communities

Strategic Outcomes:

  • The Jewish community of Minneapolis and Jewish communities around the globe are closely and
    regularly connected through innovative, creative and advanced technology platforms and tools.
  • Minneapolis Jewish community members feel connected to Jewish communities around the world
    through meaningful personal relationships and institutional/educational partnerships.
  • Members of the Minneapolis Jewish community of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of affiliation
    participate in transformative and educational Jewish travel experiences to Israel and other global Jewish
    communities without cost as a barrier to participation.
  • The Jewish community of Minneapolis is informed about, works to prevent, and responds to acts of anti-Semitism and religious intolerance locally, in Israel and around the world.


Goal: Develop volunteer and professional leadership

Strategic Outcomes:

  • The Minneapolis Jewish community has a strong, diverse, capable and connected pool of individuals
    who provide transformative professional and lay leadership to build a stronger and more collaborative
    local and global Jewish community.


Goal: Raise consciousness for the need of Jewish philanthropy within our community

Strategic Outcomes:

  • Minneapolis Jewish community members recognize their responsibility to provide philanthropic support to the Jewish community, are inspired by their knowledge of short-term and long-term Jewish
    communal needs, are informed about philanthropic mechanisms and increase their donations to
    support those needs.
  • Youth and teens in the Minneapolis Jewish community are knowledgeable about and are inspired to
    participate in Jewish philanthropy.

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