Tell me more about…. Program Funding

A place for everyone.

Whether you’re a small or large organization, whether we’ve funded you in the past or not, this year you’re invited to apply for funding from Federation.

Who can apply?

Any 501(c)(3) organization

What we'll fund

Existing, planned, or enhanced programs and activities that directly address strategic outcomes within the Community Priorities.

What are the Community Priorities and Strategic Outcomes?

The Minneapolis Jewish Federation has identified five Community Priorities that drive our fundraising, planning and allocations.

Create a Community of Shared Responsibility

Engage the Next Generation in Jewish Life

Strengthen Our Connection to Israel and Jewish Peoplehood

Broaden Leadership Excellence

Enhance and Deepen our Commitment to Jewish Philanthropy

The Community Priorities are broad. We’ve defined goals and Strategic Outcomes within each Priority that make it more clear what we expect funding to accomplish. When organizations apply for program funding, they’ll be asked to identify the strategic outcome most closely aligned with their program’s goals.

View and download details about our Strategic Outcomes.

Should I apply?

Use our Decision Trees to determine if your program(s) might be eligible for Program Funding.

How to get started

If your organization is a current Community Partner, you can start your application for Program Funding early in March when the application goes live.

If your organization is not a current Community Partner of the Federation, we ask that you submit a Letter of Inquiry prior to completing a full application.

This step will enable our staff to learn more about your project before you invest a significant amount of time in a full application.

Learn more about how to submit a Letter of Inquiry here.

Letters of Inquiry are due by Monday, April 4, 2016. The deadline for full applications for Program Funding is April 20, 2016.

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