P2G Update: Synagogue via Skype, JWRP visits Rehovot

Have you met our sister? It’s true, Minneapolis has a sister city in Israel: the beautiful town of Rehovot! Through this Partnership2Gether initiative, Minneapolis is strengthening a connection to Israel and building a stronger sense of Jewish peoplehood. Here are just a few recent stories of partnership, from Darchei Noam and  the #MOMentum mission, and click here to learn more about Partnership2Gether (and make sure to like us on Facebook!)

Thanks to technology, we are able to bring two synagogues, with a deep love of learning, together.

Beginning November 17, Congregation Darchei Noam in St. Louis Park will begin simultaneous study sessions with synagogue The Berman Shul in Rehovot, Israel.

The six classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, the Minneapolis group meets at Darchei Noam at 7PM and on Sundays at 11AM. The following Sunday the groups will gather via Skype in Minnesota and Israel to discuss what they learned and share insights.

These classes are free and open to the community. The schedule is below, and we hope to see you there!

  • Amos – NOV 17th | Sunday Skype discussion on NOV 22nd
  • Hosea – DEC 15th | Sunday Skype discussion on DEC 20th
  • Micah (Micheas) – FEB 9th | Sunday Skype discussion on FEB 14th
  • Habakkuk and Zephaniah – MARCH 8th | Sunday Skype discussion on MAR 13th
  • Obadiah – MAY 17th | Sunday Skype discussion on MAY 23rd
  • Haggai and Zechariah – JUNE 14th | Sunday Skype discussion on JUN 19th

For more information, contact:

Congregation Darchei Noam
2950 Joppa Ave. S. at Minnetonka Blvd. | 952-452-8476
DarcheiNoamMN@yahoo.com | www.DarcheiNoamMN.org

Minneapolis women visit Rehovot!

The #‎Momentummn‬ delegation of the‪#‎MOMentumtrips‬ of women visited Rehovot on Tuesday, October 27th as a part of our Partnership2Gether program through the municipality of Rehovot, the Jewish Agency and the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

The visit was hosted and sponsored by Rehovot’s Deputy Mayor, Zohar Blum, and David Ashkenazi, Rehovot’s Chief of Staff and Head of Foreign Relations Department.

The group spent the day touring the city (Weisman Institute and the Ayalon Institute), visiting kindergartens and early childhood care facilities in Kiryat Moshe as well as a little bit of shopping.


The highlight of the visit was dinner at the Minkov Citrus Orchard Museum along with Rehovot members of the partnership’s Steering Committee which is Co-Chaired by Dr. Yoram Blachar.

The meeting between members of the Steering Committee and the women from the Minneapolis community was successful, exciting and left a taste and desire for further development of the relationship.

Fun fact: Melanie Ginsburg, a MASA Israel student from Minneapolis on a Teachers Fellows program in Rehovot, spoke with the group while they were there about how Federation supports Masa (which is also a Jewish Agency for Israel program), and about what she is doing in Rehovot.

Dozens of members of the Minneapolis Jewish community are scheduled to visit Rehovot in the upcoming months to continue establishing relationships and friendships with the residents of Rehovot.


We helped to build Israel. Today we help keep it strong.




For more than six decades, we’ve helped strengthen the State of the Israel. And our commitment continues. Unwavering.

Federation is dedicated to ensuring that all of Israel’s citizens have equal access to educational and economic opportunity. And we work tirelessly to deepen connections between the Jewish State and the global Jewish community.



Despite Israel’s economic success, one in five Israeli families lives in poverty. We provide a safety net for the most vulnerable, and we advocate for those in distress.
When Israel is threatened, we mobilize our networks at home and overseas to come immediately to her aid.
That global connection is fostered by immersive experiences for young Jews and programming that brings Israel to life in communities throughout North America.



Federation has helped millions of immigrants move to Israel and start new lives—26,000 in the past year alone.

Thousands of elderly benefit from innovative services they receive right in their homes. Thousands of poor families know their children will have a brighter future thanks to our Federation-supported programs. Job training programs tackle high unemployment among the one million Israelis with disabilities.

The money we raise during times of crisis helps keeps Israelis safe during conflicts and funds post-trauma counseling for tens of thousands living on the front lines.

And we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of young Jews forge a personal connection to Israel through programs like Taglit-Birthright Israel, and built strong relationships between communities in Israel and North America through Partnership2Gether— including our partner city, Rehovot.

We stand by Israel’s side. Always.

While you can’t prevent further escalation in the violence in Israel, you can deliver swift assistance to the victims through the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Fund for Victims of Terror.

Because of your gift, victims of the horrifying terrorist attacks happening throughout Israel will receive assistance quickly—often within 24 hours—so they can start the process of healing.



We’re sending strength to our Israeli brothers and sisters. Join us by changing your profile picture to show your solidarity. You can change your profile picture by right clicking on the photo in below and clicking “Save Image As.” Once you have saved the photo onto your computer, hover your mouse over your own profile picture and click “update profile picture” then select the image and “save profile picture.”


Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund recipient: Abe Passman

Born and raised in the Jewish community of Minneapolis, Louis Herman never had any children.
But he thought of the community’s children as his children, and used his hard-earned wealth to support causes that focused on Jewish education.  In 1992, Mr. Herman donated $1 million to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation as an endowment. A few years later, the LOUIS HERMAN ISRAEL EXPERIENCE FUND was established.

Since its inception in 1995, the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund has awarded more than $1,000,000 in grants to over 1000 Minneapolis teens. Many of these grant recipients have returned from their Israel Experiences to become active members of their Jewish community, fulfilling Mr. Herman’s vision of developing a new generation of committed Jews. Mr. Herman’s generosity to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, and to other Jewish institutions, has touched the lives of thousands of Jewish youth and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Recently, we had a couple recipients of grants from the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund return from their Israel programs. We wanted to share their words with you, just to show how impactful this experience is to Minneapolis youth between the ages of 15 and 18.

Abe Passman had this to say about his Israel Experience:

I had a great summer!

Abe PassmanThis photo is meaningful to me because I praying and connecting to Judaism with four guys who are now some of my best friends. Along with that, this was at a Synagogue in Sienna, Italy. It is no longer in use except for on high holidays. The rabbi (an orthodox man), however, came in and led Monday morning services with a mixed gender minyan and allowed us to read from a 200 year old Torah! I got an Aliyah!
The Israel experience was amazing. Everyone on my trip really loved who I was and there was never a reason to put on a mask and fake who I am as a person. I now have 13 new best friends, some of whom I have spoken to everyday since we got back. Even though I had been there with my family, this trip allowed me to really appreciate and admire the State of Israel. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go on USY Pilgrimage.

2a. How attached do you feel to Israel? Very much

2b. How knowledgeable do you feel about Israel? Very much

2c. Would you like to be more involved in the Jewish Community? Very much

Thank you so much!

-Abe Passman

To learn more about the Louis Herman Israel Experience Fund, and to see if you’re eligible, visit this page or contact Ariel at 952.417.2319 or abiel@mplsfed.org.

We raised $20,380,850 – thanks to YOU


Thanks to nearly 200 dedicated campaign volunteers, Federation professionals, and 4,900 gifts from generous donors, The Minneapolis Jewish Federation raised over $20.3 million during the 2015 Campaign year (including close to $540,000 through special emergency campaigns to help Jews in crisis in Nepal, Israel, and Ukraine).  Of that total, more than 11.3 million was distributed through the Community Campaign (including $187,000 dedicated from the unrestricted fund of the Jewish Community Foundation towards community needs, and support from corporate sponsorship).

Here are the facts:

  • Together we raised $10,760,561 – an increase of $126,194 from 2014
  • Together we raised $9,082,460 through planned giving & endowments
  • An additional $537,829 was raised for special initiatives

Beth Kieffer Leonard and Todd Leonard, Campaign Chairs

“As 2015 Community Campaign Chairs, we are thrilled,” says Todd Leonard on behalf of himself and his wife, Beth Kieffer Leonard. “$20,380,850 represents thousands of people who will benefit—thousands of faces of gratitude and hope.”

“These critical dollars will improve, strengthen, and transform Jewish lives around the globe,” adds Beth. “We couldn’t be more proud of our community. Together, with our donors, partner agencies, and volunteers, we are doing great work.”

A gift to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation goes beyond funding any single organization or building—it helps map out the programs and services that strengthen and enrich Jewish life here in Minneapolis and around the world. Federation professionals and volunteers from the community spend thousands of hours annually vetting the menu of needs in our local and global Jewish community. These needs range from social services and Jewish education to community security and Jewish arts and culture. This difficult work helps leverage resources and ensure every dollar goes to the highest and best use.

Campaigner’s Mission to Israel 2015



Obtain a first-hand perspective on the impact of campaign dollars through site visits to JDC and Jewish Agency programs and benefit from top level training in donor development and solicitation skills.

Participants will gain a better understanding of contemporary Israel while enjoying all that an Israel experience has to offer.


Land Cost: $1,190*

Double Occupancy.

Airfare on your own – *Includes subsidy


Mission Requirements


MAKE a minimum gift for the 2016 Community Campaign of $750

AGREE to solicit a minimum of 10 donors &/or prospects Face to Face

PARTICIPATE as a caller at Super Sunday & at least one phone-a-thon during the 2016 Campaign

HOST a Parlor Meeting to share your experience

AGREE to be available to speak at synagogues and organizations

Contact Missions Manager Alyssa Huck at 952.417.2323 or ahuck@mplsfed.org to learn more.

Portraits from Israel

In October, 28 women from the Minneapolis Jewish community traveled to Israel  as part of  the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project Momentum Mission to Israel, cosponsored by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and AISH Minnesota. The group visited two Federation partner sites in Jerusalem: Susan’s House, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s on-the-job training workshop for youth-at-risk; and Mevatzeret Zion, an Ethiopian absorption agency run by the Jewish Agency for Israel. The women returned to Minneapolis energized about the work Federation does. Below, mission participant Leslie Parker shared some of her beautiful photos from the group’s visit to Mevatzeret Tzion, where they met Avital–who you may have seen in our latest issue of Minneapolis Jewish Life.

_LJO2209 _LJO2218 _LJO2291 _LJO2288 _LJO2283 _LJO2280 _LJO2278 _LJO2277 _LJO2276 _LJO2275 _LJO2270 _LJO2266 _LJO2265 _LJO2264 _LJO2262 _LJO2258 _LJO2256 _LJO2254 _LJO2251 _LJO2249 _LJO2248 _LJO2246 _LJO2241 _LJO2239 _LJO2236 _LJO2235 _LJO2234 _LJO2229 _LJO2227 _LJO2225 _LJO2222 _LJO2216 _LJO2215

Hope from Minneapolis to Minsk: Tatiana’s story

Without you, I wouldn’t be alive.Tatiana

Tatiana is 86 years old, frail, and home bound. Despite her physical limitations, she is lively and affectionate, and thrilled to have visitors. Lori Fritz, 2014 Community Campaign Chair, met Tatiana on a mission to Minsk. “She was excited to share her story with us, one that is tragically shared by thousands of elderly Russians,” explains Lori. Tatiana’s mother died when she was just a baby, and her father was killed during World War II. Her stepmother abandoned her, and she lived in an orphanage until her brother rescued her. They moved to the Ural region where they faced a life of poverty, collecting and selling coiled metal to earn money for food. Tatiana has little to her name today, but what she does have wouldn’t be possible without support from the Minneapolis Jewish Community. Her monthly government pension doesn’t cover the cost of food, medications, and utilities.

Through programs run by the Federation’s partners the Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Agency for Israel, Tatiana receives:

  • medical support for her diabetes, heart condition, and pancreatitis
  • home care services
  • a caregiver to do her grocery shopping using a stipend from the Jewish community
  • warm sweaters, blankets, and heating fuel for the bitter Minsk winters
  • hope and a reason to remain positive despite her hardships

Tatiana shares an apartment with a young couple who have made it clear that they are basically waiting for her to die, Lori reports. They don’t want to see her and they have been known to take Tatiana’s food. In response, JDC provided Tatiana with a small refrigerator with a lock on it that she can keep in her room.

“Without you, Tatiana says, “I wouldn’t be alive.”

Tatianas cramped bedroom Tatianas tiny kitchenTatiana