2019 Community Campaign

Thank you for your dedication to building community. To caring for Jews in need—everywhere. Your work with the Federation Community Campaign is truly making a difference: no single gift impacts more Jewish lives.

In your conversations on behalf of Federation, use these resources to deepen donors’ understanding of the Federation and the value of a gift.

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Jan 4, 2019


Dear Curious Campaign Supporter,

I know it’s been hard sleeping, in anticipation of the first Wise Up Wednesday, but it’s finally upon us! This Wednesday, January 9 at 8:30 a.m. we’ll convene the first discussion of the finer points of the Federation’s purpose, impact, and operation to help you, whether you’re already committed to soliciting, pondering becoming a solicitor, or just plain curious about what the Federation is. Or, you’re shy of meeting your donuts quota for the week.

Bring your questions, knowledge, and an open mind to the discussion, as nobody has all the answers – yet. This week’s agenda will include thoughts on:
WTF: What The Federation! An enigma to so many, explaining the Federation to the average community stakeholder can be a challenge.
The new campaign calendar: what’s different, why the change, and how it’s so much better for all of us!
Best solicitation practices: phone, email, text or in person. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each.
Anything else we have time for.
Just 45 minutes long, Wise Up Wednesday will be a short dose of fun, learning, and inspiration to make the 2019 Campaign a raging success!

Yours in colored sprinkles,

Howie Milstein
2019 Campaign Chair

Past Campaign Corner Emails

December 24, 2018

Please join us for…

Campaign & Champagne

February 12th | Urban Eatery
Kick off the 2019 Community Campaign over apps and a glass of bubbly!

Other 2019 Campaign Dates

Women Repair the World with Ilana Shemesh—February 5, 2019
Super Funday — March 3, 2019
Lion of Judah Event — May 14, 2019
Women of Intention Awards — June 13, 2019
Annual Meeting – August 14, 2019
KDS Dinner – October 7, 2019
Cardozo Dinner – November 4, 2019



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