2019 Community Campaign

Thank you for your dedication to building community. To caring for Jews in need—everywhere. Your work with the Federation Community Campaign is truly making a difference: no single gift impacts more Jewish lives.

In your conversations on behalf of Federation, use these resources to deepen donors’ understanding of the Federation and the value of a gift.

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May 13, 2019

To Howie’s Punim Patrol,

Doing some campaign work this week (face-to-face, of course, hence the Punim Patrol), I had an epiphany on a good way to get yourself in the stewardship mood.

Find a Bob in your list of donors, that person who you know can tolerate you not being quite the perfect solicitor, who will let you test out your questions and ideas to connect the Federation’s value with their philanthropic desires.

My audience this week was an actual Bob, a person who I know pretty well, have a ton of respect for, and I know to be kind enough to let me be a human in this process. That is, if I said something stupid or awkward, he would hang in there with me. Of course, Bob already knows me to be occasionally ridiculous so nothing would have come as a surprise to him.

I also had in tow one of our wonderful development officers, to contribute to the conversation and help hone each of our skills. To make a long story short, it was nothing short of an energizing, heartwarming experience. And to top it all off, Bob was his usual generous self.

Here’s to the Bob in your list of donors!

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2019 Campaign Dates

Women of Intention Awards — June 12, 2019
2019 Campaign & Champagne – June 26, 2019
Annual Meeting – August 14, 2019
KDS Dinner – October 7, 2019
Cardozo Dinner – November 4, 2019



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