2019 Community Campaign

Thank you for your dedication to building community. To caring for Jews in need—everywhere. Your work with the Federation Community Campaign is truly making a difference: no single gift impacts more Jewish lives.

In your conversations on behalf of Federation, use these resources to deepen donors’ understanding of the Federation and the value of a gift.

Campaign Corner

Did you miss a recent Campaign Corner email? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Campaign Corner communications will be posted here so you always have the latest campaign updates, Wise Up Wednesday dates/times, and words of wisdom from Campaign Chair, Howie Milstein.


Even though the Minneapolis Jewish Federation does so much to bolster community vitality, we often struggle to find just the right metric to convince our donors that a generous Campaign contribution is in line with their philanthropic goals. Nowadays, people want to see results, but sometimes with the work of the campaign, it’s hard to quantify impact. How many kids who’ve gone to camp on an MJF scholarship go on to feel engaged and connected to the community in their adult lives? Impossible to put an accurate number on it.

Rather, when talking about Campaign and how dollars raised go back into the community, it might be helpful to put this philanthropic strategy into perspective. Since it is so broad-reaching, I like to tell people that a contribution to the Campaign is a statement in the overall value of community for its stakeholders, and a vote of confidence that the professionals and volunteers associated with the Federation have the community’s best interests in mind. We are wonderful stewards of the community, and you can state that with confidence and pride.

Just another bit of perspective that just might help you connect the value of the Federation with the value systems of your donors!

Winner, 2019 Federation Campaign Chairman of the Year

More of Howie’s Wit

Save the Date

Blu Greenberg — July 12, 2019
Community Cooks — July 21, 2019
Annual Meeting – August 14, 2019
KDS Dinner – October 7, 2019
Cardozo Dinner – November 4, 2019
Ballots & Bellinis — November 7, 2019



Campaign Videos

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