Federation usually contacts me in the fall. Why haven’t I heard from you yet?

We’ve shortened our campaign! This year, you’ll receive a call or meeting request from us in the spring.

Why did you shorten the campaign?

In the past, our campaign year spanned an entire calendar year. As soon as one campaign ended, the next began. This wasn’t ideal for our volunteers and was often confusing for our donors. Due to tremendous feedback and following several years of strategizing, we’ve revamped our campaign so that it now lasts six months; beginning in January and ending in June. By shortening the campaign year and streamlining our process, we’re providing a better experience for our volunteers and donors—because without them, where would we be?

In the future, we will actually shift the fiscal and campaign year to match the calendar year. This will reduce confusion and increase administrative and financial efficiencies.

How will you be able to raise enough money for the community with that shortened timeframe?

Anyone can donate to Federation at any time, and we will still be promoting Federation throughout the whole year through the mail, e-mail, and other digital formats. For the six months prior to the campaign, we will focus on engaging and building relationships.

That doesn’t work for me. I prefer to do my philanthropic giving at the end of the year.

We are working with donors who feel this way to make sure that their philanthropic conversations happen whenever it is best for them. If that sounds like you, please feel free to contact our team at giving@jewishminneapolis.org

I heard a rumor you weren’t doing Super Sunday anymore. Is it true?

It is! Thanks to feedback from many of our donors and volunteers, we learned that Super Sunday isn’t exactly “super” anymore. In the past, phone-a-thons were the end-all-be-all of fundraising. These days, many of us no longer answer our phone—which makes calling extremely frustrating.

Our team crunched the numbers and found that it was possible to eliminate Super Sunday while still meeting our campaign goal. Now, instead of asking our most committed supporters to spend a day making phone calls, we’re going to take that day to celebrate them instead: introducing Super Funday.

What is Super Funday?

Join us January 14, from 1-5 pm, at Punch Bowl Social for a free celebration of our volunteers, donors, and everyone who considers themselves a part of this vibrant community.


I’ve been hearing about the Jewish Community Foundation. How do they fit into the Minneapolis Jewish Federation landscape?

The Jewish Community Foundation is the planned giving arm of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Foundation provides donors with Jewish philanthropic expertise and support, valuable tools, and the professional know-how to make your charitable planned giving personalized, thoughtful, and tax beneficial.

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