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Our organization operates on the core value that all Jews are responsible for one another. This is why we are committed to providing critical support to our global Jewish community, helping 13 million Jews in 66 countries.

With a special focus on Israel, we are not only dedicated to keeping the Jewish state safe, strong and prosperous, but we also strive to build meanigful connections between Israel and the Minneapolis Jewish Community.

Supporting Jews Around the World
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
reaches out to millions of Jews around the world, offering relief to Jews in need, restoring and strengthening Jewish community and helping Israel address the social service needs of it's most vulnerable populations. Learn more.

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) is a humanitarian organization that strives to build a connected and committed global Jewish community. It has been pivotal in Israel's remarkable story of immigration, renewal and growth. Learn more.

Israel Center
The Israel Center of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation links the Minneapolis Jewish community with Israel-related programs and services. See what is available through the Israel Center and check out what Israel events are happening community wide! Eilat Harel, Israel Center Director, can be reached at 952-417-2321 or

Partnership : Minneapolis - Israel
Through Partnership : Minneapolis - Israel, the Federation works to strengthen bonds between the Minneapolis Jewish community and our partner region in Israel - the Kinneret, which includes Tiberias, the Jordan Valley and the Lower Galilee. Learn more about programs including: Physicians' Exchange   Parents and Children Together(PACT)  Parallel Lives

birthright Israel
An unprecedented partnership between the people of Israel through their government, local Jewish communities and the Jewish Agency for Israel, to provide college-age young adults, 18-26 with their first educational peer-group trip to Israel for free. Learn more.

Scholarships to Israel
Scholarships are offered to help send Jewish youth and young adults to Israel.
Learn more.